Business Control Center

VIP Connect List

Your VIP List displays all the people who have connected their mobile device to your organization both through the CONNECTLocal app or by SMS mobile messaging.

When a User has connected with you via the CONNECTLocal app they will appear listed by name.

When a User has connected with you via SMS mobile messaging, they will appear as an “SMS signup” from a location, until they download the CONNECTLocal app.

This is because they have not yet registered a CONNECTLocal account and the only information currently available is their phone number.

Whenever a User does signup via SMS messaging, we send a message to them with a link to install the CONNECTLocal app.  Once they have installed the app their name will appear in your VIP list.  It is advisable for you to send 1to1 messages to all your SMS VIP Members encouraging them to download and register with CONNECTLocal to get the best access and User experience.

Actual cellphone numbers are not shown in the VIP List because TheLocalProject protects this information for privacy reasons.  We also keep your cellphone number private when you are messaging with TrueCONNECT.   The CONNECTLocal platform facilitates all mobile messaging without disclosing anyone’s personal cellphone number.  It is up to those messaging if they would like to disclose this information.

The SMS column indicates if the User has “opted in” to receive SMS mobile messages or In-App messages only.  If there is a checkmark next to their name, they are opted in to receive SMS mobile messaging.  If there is an X next to their name, then they can receive in-app messages only.

You can send a 1to1 Message to an individual User by clicking the “Send Message” icon next to the User’s name.

Clicking the trashcan icon next to the user’s name under the Delete column will remove the user from your VIP List.