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5) Establish Your VIP Mobile Marketing Program

The information contained in this section was designed to help you get the most out of your CONNECTLocal membership and your MobileCONNECT system.

You’ll find a treasure trove of ideas to get you started. Plus, our staff is ready to assist with your questions and help guide you with establishing your VIP Mobile Marketing Program.

  • Become familiar with the MobileCONNECT Technology
    Understanding the basics of:
    a) app downloading,
    b) adding someone to your VIP Subscriber List, and
    c) message sending;
    is the foundation for building a successful VIPConnect Program. When you have questions about how to use the system, visit this “Getting Started” overview and Help sections where you’ll find articles and videos on how to use your technology.

  • Define Your Strategy
    There are many ways mobile messaging can be used in your business. The primary advantages of mobile messaging are:

    1. The near 100% read rate,
    2. the near immediate response time (93% of texts are read within 3 minutes), and
    3. the handiness and convenience of the mobile device for people.

    Start with analyzing what you are doing for business communication now:

    • Is there information that you regularly need to communicate?
    • How do you currently stay in contact with your customer or member base?
    • Are there any issues with your current methods that messaging might resolve?

    You can use mobile messaging for business, customer service and marketing.

    • For business we mean, you may be a law or accounting firm using 1to1 sends to let your clients know there are some important papers they need to stop by to sign.
    • For customer service, you might be a heating and cooling company who notifies customers the repairman will arrive in 10 minutes, or the automotive repair shop who tells customers they’ll get a text when their car is ready for pickup.
    • For marketing, it can be all of us! Because we all should want to do a better job at staying in touch with our customers and keeping our name in front of them. Mobile messaging is the future and the present. You’re taking an important step to incorporating a mobile messaging strategy into your organization.

    Planned right, executed well; mobile messaging will improve your business, grow sales, retain customers, save you money and save you time.

    Mobile Messaging Frequency
    One important matter to decide is, how often should you mobile message your Subscribers? The answer will vary business to business. Who are your subscribers? What do they expect? What type of information do you have to send? If your subscribers are employees, committee members, customers, donors, supporters, or clients; they will likely each have a different view of how often they expect to receive a message before considering them a nuisance.

    One consideration is frequency of purchase. Because we all eat every day, a restaurant might send mobile messages every week, or even every day to announce the “Daily Lunch Specials” at the restaurant in your office building.

    Not many of us would want to receive a weekly sales message from our local heating and cooling contractor! Suppose however, that same heating and cooling contractor sent a monthly reminder message “Time to Change Your Furnace Filter” compliments of XYZ Heating & Cooling?

    How many of us would welcome that message because we all tend to forget now and then? How influential are those 12 yearly messages in keeping XYZ’s name in front of their clients, so when the furnace does break, who gets the call?

    A simple guideline, if you’re just starting your mobile messaging program and marketing is the primary purpose; begin with one message per month. Once you’ve successfully sent 3 or 4 messages you’ll become comfortable with the process and have some experience of what worked and what didn’t to help you further expand your program.

  • Create Your Message
    This links to the marketing tips page