TLP Opportunity – Full & Part-time

– We’re gearing up to change local internet and looking for Good People –

People who share in our mission and would like to help build a better Internet where they live.


Join the Team – Help Build Your Neighborhood, City or State!

Would you like an opportunity to “do good for your community” and “earn an income” at the same time? Do you enjoy working with technology, business, and people? TheLocalProject is a crowdsourcing initiative to “build a better internet” at the local level. We believe the internet is great globally, tremendous nationally, but it hasn’t matured at the local level to the degree it could be, should be, or ultimately will be! TheLocalProject is looking for good people who support our mission and would like to participate in this collaborative effort! There’s much to do with plenty of opportunity both big and small. Keep learning about us, we’re confident the closer you look the more you’ll like.

Become a TLP Local Contributor

Network content comes through the contributions of people who live within the community. It’s both rewarding and fun to take part in helping your area’s LAN to take shape.

If you would like to be a Local Contributor, you’ll receive Administrative access and authorization to:

  1. Post to the Local Feed,
  2. Submit to the Event Calendar and
  3. Register local businesses.

To get started is easy, simply submit your request and agree to the simple rules. Your Partner account will be created and issued typically within 48 hours.

To become a Local Contributor in your area

– Apply Here –

Become a Part-time Local Partner

Earn $200 to $500* per month and more!

TheLocalProject is a crowdsourcing endeavor to “Build a Better Internet” at the local level. Crowdsourcing simply means a lot of people working on a common goal.

If you would like to work part-time helping to enroll local businesses into your area’s network, you can build an ongoing monthly revenue stream for you and your family.

You get to set your own days and hours, with full flexibility. It’s EASY to enroll businesses with our Irresistible CONNECTLocal Offer.

You likely already know or do business with local companies who are ideal candidates to join your area’s CONNECTLocal Network.

(*Your actual earnings may be a little more or a little less)

Become Your LAN’s Area Director

$50,000 to $100,000+ Yearly Earnings Potential

As the Area Director, you will lead the effort to establish and operate the local area network in your town. Duties include community relations, business enrollments, and the managing of team activity.

Ideal candidates possess a background in sales, marketing or business; however, a desire to succeed and a love for our mission are the most important qualities.

Successful LAN development will produce a strong residual income for you and your family. Plus, you’ll have the recognition and satisfaction of providing a valuable service for your community.

Submit your application and request form. We’ll process for approval, create your LAN in our system, and get you Administrative Access, all in 72hours or less! LET’S GO!


Become an Area Vice President


Strong Six Figure Earnings Potential

Openings exist for Area Vice Presidents, with population and ability determining territory assignments.

You should have a proven track record in territory and team development. Experience in the insurance industry, direct sales, or similar background is a plus. Residual compensation is derived from your entire team’s production

As an Area Vice President, you’ll have authorization to develop markets across the United States; allowing you to capitalize on the contacts and people talent you’ve acquired throughout your career.

If you are an accomplished team builder with experience in developing sales programs, people and territory; let’s talk.

Become a State or Metro Partner

(Lifetime Territory Residuals)

Bring TheLocalProject to your State!

State & Metro Partners assist with the “preliminary steps” and help lay the “groundwork” necessary to prepare the marketplace ahead of the team.

We seek a State Partner in every state (2 in California, Florida, Texas & New York) plus Puerto Rico. State Partners team with the home office to introduce the Local Project and assist with the technology expenses associated with the rollout of their area. In exchange for their efforts and contribution they receive a revenue share on all the business enrollments in their State.

We also seek one Metro Partner in every “greater metropolitan area”. Metro markets like Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Tampa and others, are available.

Both State & Metro Partnerships are prestigious positions that can provide a lifetime income from all monthly revenue generated from local business memberships in your territory. Candidates should have the entrepreneurial spirit, some business acumen, and most importantly “a passion for our mission”. If you would like to learn more on how you can bring TheLocalProject into your State or Metro-Market, submit an info request from our Contact Us page or call us at 281-500-1450, to discuss your area.


To Get Started
1) Submit Your Application
2) Get Approved & Secure Your Market