Join The Team – March 2018


Together let’s “Build a Better Internet”
in Your Town


We’re gearing up to change local internet and looking for Good People

People who share in our mission and would like to help build a better Internet where they live.

Join the Team – Help Build Your Neighborhood, City or State!

Interested in an opportunity to “do something good for your community” while “earning extra income” at the same time?
Do you enjoy working with technology, business, and people? TheLocalProject is a crowdsourcing initiative to “build a better internet” at the local level. We believe the internet is great globally, tremendous nationally, but it hasn’t matured at the local level to the degree it could be, should be, or ultimately will be!
TheLocalProject is looking for good people who support our mission and would like to participate in this collaborative effort! There’s much to do with plenty of opportunity big and small. Keep learning about us, we’re confident the closer you look the more you’ll like.

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  • Add Local Content
  • Enroll Local Businesses
  • Grow Local Users
  • Have Fun,
  • Enrich your Community,
  • and Earn Extra Money


Help Manage Your Area

  • Become a Zip Code Partner
  • Oversee Your Immediate Area
  • Become an Area Director
  • Oversee Your Area’s Local Area Network


3 Additional Opportunities

  • BizDev Coordinator
  • Form Partnerships with Non-Profits
  • Area Vice President
  • Develop Large US Regions
  • Metro & State Partners
  • Partnership with the Home Office