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Mobile Connect with Your Customers

Features Include:
  • Reach Local Area Cellphones
  • Grow Your VIPConnect Subscribers List
  • Send Text Messages to Your Subscribers
  • Bronze, mobile marketing solution.

Accept inbound text messages to your business from CONNECTLocal’s App for FREE!

  • Dedicated Text Line, optional
  • Send In-App Messages FREE
  • Place your Offers in the Marketplace
  • Send SMS Pay-as -you-go only .05 per text

Your Business is promoted in CONNECTLocal’s Network plus any Channels that you join.

  • Tier 01 and Tier 02 placements are by date of enrollment.
  • Tier 03 placements are alphabetical


3 Exciting Mobile Upgrade Packages

Mobile SMS Relay forwards messages from your dashboard to your mobile phone, so you can answer messages from on the road.

  • Get an Enhanced Profile
  • Unlimited Offers in the Marketplace
  • Up to 500 VIP Subscribers
  • Only .03 per SMS Message


Your Dedicated Text Line lets your business receive inbound texts from anywhere and respond from your PC or mobile device.

  • Tier 02 Placement above Alphabetical listings
  • Staff SMS Relay Scheduling
  • Web2Text Messaging
  • Up to 1000 VIP Subscribers
  • Only .02 per SMS Message

Top Featured Placement in Tier 01 secured by date of enrollment. Grow with us!

  • Staff SMS Relay Scheduling
  • Local Feed Promotion
  • Local Calendar Access
  • Up to 2500 VIP Subscribers
  • Only .01 per SMS Message

Join CONNECTLocal and supercharge your communication.

Mobile messaging is the Millennial buyers preferred method of communication with 98% of texts being read, of which 93% are read within 3 minutes. Compare this to broadcast emails which have an average read rate of just 22%, and an average read time of 19 hours. Surprisingly, most local businesses do not have messaging capabilities.

CONNECTLocal provides local businesses with the technologies you need, in one easy to use, affordable solution. We’re making a better local internet by delivering great technology today with more coming in the future. Join Us in Your Town!