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Business SMS Text Messaging

Get SMS Text Messages on Your Existing Landline or We'll Give You a Dedicated SMS Line

How it works...when a customer text messages your business landline it is delivered to your desktop PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. 

No changes to your current phone service or equipment are necessary. When using your cellphone, your personal cell number is kept private (Number Cloaking) and never revealed.

1. Anyone, anywhere, can send a text message to your existing business landline.

It's likely people are texting you now and you are missing those messages.

2. Messages are sent to your desktop PC or cellphone.

Absolutely no new equipment is needed, your cellphone number is kept private.

3.Mobile conversations are quick & easy for customers & staff.

Offering texting makes your customers happy, saves your staff time & you saves you money.

Customer Service Mobile Alerts

Customer Service Mobile Messaging

Send Convenient, Fast Customer Alerts Direct to Mobile Device

Supercharge Your Customer Service Communication

  • Notify customers the Delivery Truck is on the way
  • Tell customers their Auto is ready for pickup
  • Takes your staff less time than phone calls
  • Customers get near Immediate Deliver & Read
  • Your Customers will LOVE IT!
  • A Money Saver for EVERY INDUSTRY

1) Automotive Services, Home Contractors, & More

2) Send both SMS & In-App Messages with Push Notification

3) Send and Receive Messages from your Desktop PC


Mobile Connect Your Business Directly
to Your Customer’s Mobile Device
Create & Manage Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Why Mobile Messaging

  • 99.9% of all mobile text messages are delivered.
  • 98.4% are read, 94% are read within 3 minutes.
  • Broadcast emails average read rate 22%, average email read time 9 hours.
  • Typical Mobile Message Click Rates: 14.7% to 36% – Email Click Rates: 3.4%.

1) Send both SMS & Unlimited In-App Messages with Push Notification

2) Create Subscriber Sub-Groups by Interests or Purchase Types

3) Users Text “Keyword” to Join Groups – System Auto-Replies Your Custom Message

Send Broadcast Promotional Messages to All Your VIP Subscribers

Send Targeted Messages to Subscriber Sub-Groups

Promotion in CONNECTLocal’s Mobile App

Joining with Other Area Businesses

Features Include:
  • Business Profile & Info in Your Category
  • FREE Distribution of Your Offers
  • Realtime Feature & Update Control
  • Early Registration Secures TOP Postitions

Your CONNECTLocal Profile Lets Users:

  • Connect with your business
  • Text message your business
  • Click-to-call your business
  • Get turn-by-turn directions
  • View your online offers
  • See your hours of business
  • Visit your website
  • Visit your social media
  • View your photo gallery
  • Read your business story
  • Read & post reviews

*Some Features Require Upgrade

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  • Business Profile
  • Dashboard Admin
  • 2 Promotional Offers
  • Activate Mobile Messaging
  • VIPConnections Admin
  • Up to 100 VIP Subscribers
  • SMS Keyword Signup
  • Direct Subscriber Entry
  • In-App Connections

FREE Limited Time Offer

Good Value

MobileCONNECT Silver

Bronze Features PLUS
  • Enhanced Business Profile
  • SMS Message Forwarding
  • Up to 500 VIP Subscribers
  • Unlimited Promotional Offers
  • Unlimited In-App Messaging
  • FREE Inbound SMS Messages
  • .03 Outbound SMS Message

(Regularly $29.95)

Only $14.95/mo


Better Value


Silver Features PLUS
  • Dedicated Text Line
  • Staff Scheduling
  • Tier 2 Priority Placement
  • Up to 1000 VIP Subscribers
  • Web2Text Messaging
  • FREE Inbound SMS Messages
  • .02 Outbound SMS Message

(Regularly $59.95)

Only $29.95/mo

Best Advertising Value


Gold Features PLUS
  • Tier 1 Featured Placement
  • Local Feed Promotion
  • Local Calendar Promotion
  • Up to 2500 VIP Subscribers
  • Unlimited FREE In-App Messages
  • FREE Inbound SMS Messages
  • .01 Outbound SMS Message

(Regularly $89.95)

Only $49/mo

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