Introducing CONNECTNow

Social Media the Way It Was Meant to Be!


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A crowdsourcing endeavor to “Build a Better Internet” at the local level.

We support

  • local business
  • local interaction
  • local community

Organized by:

283 backers pledged
$403,117 to help bring this
project to life.

The CONNECTLocal Story

We Say It’s Time for a New Social Platform

Where “Users are Valued More Highly” than profits & popularity


Are You Tired of Social Platforms that:

  • TRACK what you “click on”?
  • SELL your information to 3rd parties?
  • TARGET you with Ads?
  • CENSOR what you “See or Say”?
  • and WORSE?

Would You Welcome a Social Platform that:

  • Puts Users First?
  • Supports Local Business – The Heartbeat of our Communities!
  • Gives Users Control over the Advertising they See!
  • Defends User Rights
  • and Protects Freedom of Speech?



We are TheLocalProject, a group of passionate people dedicated to changing social connecting. No big tech here, just ordinary people working together to make a difference.


Here’s Our Promise

We are committed to building a new social platform that puts People First; above profits, popularity, or anything else.  These are the ideologies we are sworn to:

  • The Protection of USER RIGHTS
  • The Defense of FREE SPEECH
  • No Invasion of USER PRIVACY
  • No Data-Mining of Your Personal Information
  • No Unauthorized Ad Targeting
  • No Pay-Per-Click Advertising Charges to businesses
  • Giving Users control over the Advertising they see
  • Giving Users control over what Content they see
  • Giving Users control over which People, Organizations & Businesses They Connect
  • Giving Users a Say in how the platform operates

Our platform & ideals will forever change the way people do social media for the better.

Introducing CONNECTNow

One Social Platform with 3 Inspirations


CONNECTNow is 3 mobile apps in one.  Yes, there’s a way to connect with family and friends.  However, you can also create & join interest groups about the arts, family, movies, sports, for your church, school, or favorite non-profits.  Finally, you can connect with your local community, your favorite restaurant, auto repair shop and more.  CONNECTNow blends 3 lifestyle activities into one intuitive mobile app.


Inspiration #1 – Connects Users with Local Business

  • Local Businesses need all our support, we make it easier to shop local.
  • Find Local businesses & special offers in ONE PLACE.
  • Text Message local area businesses.
  • Connect with your favorite local businesses to get “VIP Alerts and Offers” on your phone.
  • You have full control over which businesses you connect with and which ones you don’t.

Inspiration #2 – Connects People with Shared Interests

  • Join or Start a Channel about culture, crafts, hobbies, sports, tech and more!
  • Connect churches, chambers of commerce, non-profits & Veterans groups.
  • Get Mobile Alerts of important news & events from your favorite Groups.
  • Interact with other members of the Groups you belong.
  • You have full control over which Groups you connect with and the ones you don’t.

Group Channels Feature 7 Tools: News Feed, Group Feed, Business Directory, Event Calendar, Group Chat, Offers Marketplace, plus Broadcast & 1to1 Messaging,

Inspiration #3 – Connects You with Family & Friends

  • Your CONNECTNow Account has everything you need for personal connections.
  • Invite Family & Friends to connect with you.
  • No Ads will appear in your MyFeed unless you authorize them.
  • No longer want to see ads from a business you’ve approved, simply turn them off!

Free Yourself from the Grip of Big Tech

JOIN Us in this crowdsourcing effort!

While many people lament the targeting of ads, the blocking of free speech, or how their information is used; most don’t know what to do about it.  If you Support User RightsBelieve in Free Speech, and truly desire better social platforms….take this opportunity to stand with other like-minded folks who are working together to make a difference.


So, Exactly How Can You Participate?

Foremost, help “Spread the Word”.   Across the nation there is a growing number of people who “believe there’s a need”, “agree with our vision”, and “will gladly back our mission” once they hear about it!

By sharing this campaign with just 10 like-minded people, 100 of us can become 1,000,000 in just 4 steps.  During this Campaign you can earn Your Choice of a Free Channel for 1 year or 3 Free Months of Business Platinum Membership simply by referring 10 others who back this campaign by choosing ANY campaign perk.

Plus: You’ll be Entered Into the


Every time you invite a User or refer a new business signup you’ll earn entries into this $2 Million Promotional Giveaway.  You’ll find full details here:  Connect-to-Millions Giveaway

For every new business that joins CONNECTNow we’re setting aside $50 into a promotional fund.  Every time 1000 businesses signup nationally, $25,000 in prizes are distributed among CONNECTNow Users.  This is called a Giveaway Sprint.  At the conclusion of “50,000 business signups”; one lucky CONNECTNow User will be selected to receive the Grand Prize of $1,000,000!

If you agree with our Vision

Support Us by Choosing One of the Perks below

Supporter Perk Details


Become a CONNECTNow Supporter & Backer

It’s Easy, Simply Choose One of these 3 Perks!

Perk 1) I’m a CONNECTNow Supporter ($10) – Convinced this endeavor is needed and worthwhile? Give us a THUMBS UP!  You’ll get First Release access, insider information and surveys where you can share your ideas for the platform!  PLUS…your name will be added to our website & mobile app’s “Supporter Wall” as recognition You Took a Stand!

Perk 2) I’m a CONNECTNow Backer ($25) – Got a deeper conviction that we’re on the right track and should continue through to victory!  As a CONNECTNow Backer, you “Shout a Little Louder” that you encourage us to GO FOR IT!  Get everything given to Supporters, PLUS special access to share your ideas as a Platform Beta-Tester!

Perk 3) Become a CONNECTNow Backer & Get a T-Shirt ($49) – You’ll get Backer Status PLUS a beautifully designed Backer-T that proudly declares you TOOK A STAND!  This eye-catching t-shirt will “Spread the Word” everywhere you go about the social platform that’s putting Users first, Local Businesses second, and Profits last.

Choose the one you like best; Graphic or Plain Text Version

Build Your Town’s Local Network

Join TheLocalProject Team and help build the local network in your community.  You’ll get backend access so you can contribute local content, enroll local businesses and more.

Perk 4) TLP Local Partner Account ($49 USD – SAVE $71) – Everything you need to start building a local network in your town.  You can join the Team full-time or part-time, contribute a little or a lot.  This package starts by activating a local network for your community if one doesn’t already exist.  Next, you’ll get a TLP Partner Account where you can add local content such as Feed Posts, Event Calendar Posts, Business Enrollments, Local Business Offers, and more!   You can choose to lead the network as Area Director, build a Team around you, or contribute part-time at your own pace.  You’ll also get a BCC Demo Account with all Business Platinum Membership functionality as well as qualify for monthly compensation for any businesses you upgrade.

To learn more:

Start Your Own CONNECTNow Channel

Perk 5) CONNECTNow Group Channel (1yr $49 – SAVE $83) – – This package will connect the cellphones of all your members. Within 72 hours we’ll activate your Channel in our Alpha app so you can start setup and testing.  You can choose to make your Channel Public or Private.  And your new Channel will automatically go live in the March CONNECTNow Release.

Each Channel Includes:

  • An Independent Channel with Member “Subscriber Panel”,
  • A News Feed, Group Feed, Group Chat and Event Calendar,
  • A Business Directory with Offers Marketplace,
  • and the ability to send Push Notification Messages to every member’s cellphone.  

Your Push Message read rates will exceed email & social media by 500% to 2000%.  There’s even an option to add SMS Text Messaging.  Choose this Perk and your Channel will “Go Live” within 72hrs initially inside the CONNECTLocal mobile app and will auto-activate in the new CONNECTNow app when it releases.

Perk 6) CONNECTNow Group Channel (2yrs $89 – SAVE $295) – Get all the features of Perk 5 for “2 full years” instead of 1!  Let’s us show you how to start connecting with your Members today!

To learn more:

Add Your Business to CONNECTNow

Business Managers & Owners reach CONNECTNow Users by showcasing your business in the CONNECTNow Local Network for your community.  Platinum Membership includes a suite of tools that allow your business to connect with the cellphones of both your customers and our Users.

Perk 7) 3Mo Platinum Business Plan ($99 USD – SAVE $198) – Buy 1 Get 2 Months FREE.  Your business will be showcased in the CONNECTLocal network for your town.  Plus, you’ll get our Mobile Customer Engagement technology that lets you: 

  1. Receive SMS text messages on your business landline, 
  2. send Customer Service texts to existing customers,
  3. Create Keyword Promotions, and
  4. Mobile Text Campaigns that grow sales & improve customer retention.  

Visit the videos and pages below to learn more.

Perk 8) 6Mo Platinum Business Plan ($199 USD – SAVE $395) – All the features of Perk 7 except you’ll get 6 months of Platinum Business Membership.

Perk 9) 1Yr Platinum Business Plan ($399 USD – SAVE $789) – All the features of Perk 7 except you’ll get 1 full year of Platinum Business Membership.

To learn more:

BIG PERK Empowers Organizations 

to Launch Their Own Mobile Network & Support Their Business Members

The Big Perk is for Municipalities & Organizations (business networking groups, chambers of commerce, Kiwanis Clubs, Rotary Clubs) that serve business members.  Your Mobile Network will vastly improve your organization’s own communication while delivering a suite of “mobile customer engagement” tools for your members to help them grow their sales!

Perk 10) Wholesale Network Package ($1,000 USD – SAVE $1500) – Everything you need to create a mobile network that connects your memberships’ cellphones.  Your business members will receive promotion PLUS the benefits of a CONNECTLocal Platinum membership.  This Wholesale Network Package gives your organization the benefits of a Private Labeled Network without the expense and ongoing maintenance. Feel welcome to contact us with your questions.

To learn more:

Email us at

Call us at 281-500-1450


Perk 11) State Partnership ($10,000 USD) – Secure the CONNECTNow marketing license for your state.  State Partners work directly with the home office to oversee development in their specific territory.  Promote in your area for Channel Networks, local businesses, municipalities and TLP Teammates.   This is a 10 year agreement subject to approval.  Contact us for more details.

We understand not everyone can contribute, but you can still be a big help:

  • Please “Spread the Word” about this crowdsourcing effort.
  • Use the Indiegogo share tools & Post to your social media.
  • Invite a business owner to join your local area’s network.
  • Join our Partner Team and contribute to earn even more.

Learn more about us and our programs at

Release Schedule 

Our Alpha version mobile app CONNECTLocal is available now in the Apple & Android stores.

CONNECTLocal is loaded with functionality for Clubs, Groups, Non-Profits, and to create networks for local communities.  Contact us if you’d like to open the network for your area.

Groups can create a CONNECTLocal Channel that connects the cellphones of your members for sending both InApp & SMS Text messages.  Channels can be Public or Private and feature a Feed, Event Calendar, Directory and more.

Visit here to see all the Channel features: Clubs & Non-Profits – The Local Project

Our development team is actively engaged in coding the soon to release CONNECTNow mobile app; scheduled to launch into the marketplace Summer of 2021.

CONNECTNow is bringing an improved User interface PLUS more new features.

How We’re Making Social Media Better?

To Change Big Tech Social Media,

You have to start with the Revenue Model!

We are not against advertising…business advertising pays for most of the cool free services we as people all enjoy.  It’s how radio, television, and newspapers have operated for over a century.  It wasn’t until the early 2000’s that “Digital Marketing” began changing the rules of the game and not for the better.

Here’s how it works: Today’s popular search and social platforms give us their platforms for free in order to lure us into their data-mining system.  Once a User, they track nearly everything we do in our private lives both on and off their platform (spy on us).   They track what we click on, search for, say in emails, what we buy, even the physical locations we visit.

This information is used to build digital profiles about us and sold to 3rd parties; mostly advertisers who bombard us with advertising we didn’t ask for and sometimes truly don’t want.   The more a 3rd Party is willing to pay, the more access to you they are granted.  A growing concern is that our private information is now beginning to be sold for purposes other than advertising; such as: employment, insurance, healthcare, law enforcement and more.

By using these platforms, you become the product these platforms are selling!   You have no choice; you have no voice; you are not in control…your private information is NOT SAFE!

Our Advertising model is different. 

Along with a new platform we’re introducing a new revenue model “MyChoice Advertising”

With MyChoice, you are NEVER the product.  Advertisers pay a low flat monthly fee to add their “special offers” to the “Offers Queue”.  A flat fee ensures the platform has no incentive to promote one advertiser over another.  It also levels the playing field giving small, local businesses a more affordable and fairer chance to compete for your business.

When it’s time to make a purchase, let’s say for a “new car”:

  1.  You select “New Car Offers” and any offers in the “Offers Queue” are instantly delivered.
  2. You choose the deal you like most, make your purchase, then turn off “New Car Offers”.
  3. Whala…NO MORE CAR ADS!

MyChoice Advertising puts you in control over which advertising you see. You turn it on, and you can turn it off.   We do not invade your privacy to track everything you do.  The only things added to your account profile are the things that YOU APPROVE.

  • CONNECTNow eliminates Pay-Per-Click fees for businesses.
  • Gives Users Control of the Advertising they See
  • Promotes Local Businesses & their offers
  • Connects Local Consumers with Local Business

Of course there is more to share about CONNECTNow; and the best way to get familiar is to start using it.  Which leads us to the next step.


David Vs the Tech Giants

We recognize the mission is big and approach it with unshakable confidence.   We’ve weighed the cost and know the challenges that lay ahead.  While we’re not directly battling the Facebook’s and Google’s of the world…we are competing for the same Users.

That’s why You are such a key element of this effort!   When you “Stand with Us & Others”…all of us together can accomplish the goal.   One key differentiator with CONNECTNow Vs many of the new platforms springing up is that we are not a political platform.  We are about People, Community & Local Business.


Development is in Process, We’re Nearing Completion

Our development team has been actively engaged in coding the platform and are two-thirds of the way complete .  Platform architecture calls for 5 Phases of which Phases 1, 2, & 3 have been finished.  A CONNECTLocal alpha release showcasing the completed functionality is currently available in both the Apple & Android stores.  You can learn more about this on our website at

To date, more than a million lines of code have been written at a cost of $400,000.  The investment and development has been underwritten by the passionate people of TheLocalProject.

Choose One of Our

  • I’m a CONNECTNow Supporter

    Do you support the idea of a better social media platform? Choose this perk! You not only help make the dream become reality; you'll be included in exclusive user surveys where you can share your ideas & opinions on what will make CONNECTNow better. Plus you're name will be added to the Supporter Wall on both our website & inside CONNECTNow.
  • I’m a CONNECTNow Backer

    Special Honor and Recognition as a CONNECTNow Backer. Your name permanently placed at the top of our Supporters Wall on both our website and within the CONNECTNow app. You'll also have exclusive access to information as well as the opportunity to share your ideas and opinions about CONNECTLocal features.
  • CONNECTNow Backer Plus T-Shirt

    1) Special Honor and Recognition as a CONNECTNow Backer at the top of our Supporters Wall. 2) Exclusive access to information and to share your ideas & opinions on CONNECTNow features. 3) Plus our "I'm a CONNECTNow Backer T-Shirt" that you can wear with pride to Spread the Word about our mission.


    Included Items Named as CONNECTNow Supporter CONNECTNow Backer T-Shirt Recognized CONNECTNow Backer
  • TLP Local Partner Account

    Help build your area's local network! Get your TLP Partner Account to add local content, enroll local businesses and more! Includes a full-fledged Business Account for demoing Push Notifications and SMS messaging. You'll also qualify to receive compensation for every business upgrade you enroll.
  • Start My Group Channel – 1yr

    1Yr CONNECTNow Group Channel Membership. Includes: Private or Public Channel. Unlimited Members. Unlimited In-App Messaging with Push Notification


    Included Items 1yr Group Channel w/Push
  • CONNECTNow Group Channel – 2yr

    2Yr CONNECTNow Group Channel Membership. Includes: Private or Public Channel. Unlimited Members. Unlimited In-App Messaging with Push Notification


    Included Items 3yr - Group Channel w/Push
  • Add My Business – 3Mo Platinum

    A full-blown Platinum Business Membership with SMS Texting capabilities. Get 3 months for the price of 1. Includes: 1) CONNECTLocal Promotion of your business, 2) Text enabling of your business landline, 3) Mobile Customer Engagement to send VIP Alerts & Offers to your customer cellphones, 4) Customer Service Texting, and 5) Keyword Promotions.


    Included Items 3Mo Platinum Business Plan
  • Add My Business – 6Mo Platinum

    A full-blown 6 Months Platinum Business Membership with SMS Texting capabilities. Includes: 1) CONNECTLocal Promotion of your business, 2) Text enabling of your business landline, 3) Mobile Customer Engagement to send VIP Alerts & Offers to your customer cellphones, 4) Customer Service Texting, and 5) Keyword Promotions.


    Included Items 6Mo Platinum Business Plan
  • Add My Business – 1Yr Platinum

    A Platinum Business Membership with SMS Texting capabilities for 1 full year! Includes: 1) CONNECTLocal Promotion of your business, 2) Text enabling of your business landline, 3) Mobile Customer Engagement to send VIP Alerts & Offers to your customer cellphones, 4) Customer Service Texting, and 5) Keyword Promotions.


    Included Items 1Yr Platinum Business Plan
  • Wholesale Network Package

    CONNECTNow Channel with 100 Business Memberships - Includes your organization's Channel; Activation for 100 of your business members Platinum Membership; Plus wholesale pricing on all additional activations & monthly fees. Includes: Private or Public Channel. Unlimited Members. Unlimited In-App Messaging with Push Notification


    Included Items Wholesale Network - 100 Active
  • TLP State Partnership

    Work with the Home Office to bring all the features and value of CONNECTLocal and CONNECTNow to your state. State Partnerships are prestigious and limited positions that put you in the driver's seat with a statewide marketing license for promotion. This Perk is subject to approval and availability


    Included Items TLP State Partnership

Refer a Business Bonus

Refer 3 Yours is FREE

Refer Gold or Platinum Members
Save 30% for 1, Save 60% for 2, Save 100% for 3

Available to Gold Members & Above


The Dashboard is a secure location for managing all your CONNECTLocal applications from your desktop or favorite tablet. This includes:

  1. Your Company Profile
  2. You VIP Subscribers
  3. Offers & Specials Builder
  4. MobileCONNECT Message Creator
  5. MobileCONNECT Inbox
  6. Mobile Connect Sent Messages
  7. MobileCONNECT SMS Setting
  8. Access Help Videos
  9. Access How-to Information for building and using your VIP List
  10. Access print collateral to promote SMS Subscriber signups.
  11. And Much more…

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Desktop Inbox

Your MobileCONNECT Inbox is the place to view, manage, and reply to, inbound messages.

When a User sends a text message to your business it appears in the Dashboard Inbox. This allows you to respond to messages from any desktop PC.

Simply open your Dashboard to the Inbox and let it run in the background. Your computer will audibly ring every 7 seconds whenever a new message arrives.

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VIP Subscriber List

The VIP Subscriber List is where you can view and manage your Subscribers.

There are 3 ways Users can join your list:

  1. Clicking the Connect Icon on your company profile.
  2. SMS Keyword Signup
  3. Direct Entry

Clicking the message icon next to a particular Subscriber allows you to send a 1to1 message to that Subscriber.

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Free In-App Messaging

MobileCONNECT allows you to send unlimited In-App messages absolutely free.

In-App messages can be sent with Push Notification so that Users are notified of the new message regardless if they have the CONNECTLocal App open or closed.

Be sure to encourage your new Subscribers to download the CONNECTLocal app so they can access all the features in their community.

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Broadcast Messaging

Regardless if your list has 10 Subscribers or thousands, you can broadcast a message to the entire list at once.

You choose if you want to send to the list In-App only which is 100% free or if you would like to send via text message. (SMS message rates apply)

In-App messages have the option to send with a Push Notification so users are notified in a similar manner they would when sent via text message.

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1to1 Messaging

MobileCONNECT allows you to send 1to1 messages to any Subscriber on your list.

This is perfect for service industries such as:

Mechanics – send a message letting your customer know their car is ready to be picked up.

HVAC or Plumber – Let your customer know the service tech is on their way.

Lawyer – Let your client know their papers are ready to be picked up or a court date has been set.

Or maybe just wish your best customer a Happy Birthday.

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Connect Icon

The Connect icon is show in the CONNECTLocal app on your business profile.

Clicking the Connect Icon allows users to join your VIP list without having to SMS text your keyword.

Once connected, your business is immediately added to the User’s Connections List inside the CONNECTLocal App.

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Keyword Signup

The keyword signup allows Users to join your VIP List by texting your Keyword to either 844-307-3500 or 866-866-7109.

For example, if you were a pizza shop your keyword might be “PIZZA”. Whenever a User texts the word PIZZA to 844-307-3500 or 866-866-7109 they are automatically added to your VIP list.

New Subscribers are auto-sent your custom “Welcome Message” and are also invited to download the CONNECTLocal app. When Subscribers download the app they receive better access to their community and you are able to send them in-app messages for FREE!

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Direct Signup

The Direct Entry function of the VIP Connect List allows you to manually add a new member to your list.

Are you a mechanic? Why not ask your customer if they would like to receive a text message when their car is ready?

Retail Shop – Ask your customers at checkout if they would like to receive your specials and discounts.

Service Tech – Ask your customers if they would like to get a text message when the repairman is on the way.

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After-Hours Message

As much as we would like to service our customers 24 hours a day, we all need to sleep.

The After-Hours Autoresponder automatically sends your custom “after-hours” message whenever a customer tries to reach you outside your business hours.

The After-Hours Message provides an immediate response letting customers know you will be getting back to them on the next business day.

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Message Pause

There will be times during the course of the work day that you will be unable to immediately respond to new customer messages.

In those cases, you can set the “Pause” feature to manage your incoming messages and automatically send Users a custom “Unavailable” message. Your custom message let’s users know you have received their message and you intend to reply back soon.

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Number Cloaking

Reasons we can’t text most businesses include business owners do not want to give out their personal phone number or carry two different phones.

MobileCONNECT keeps your personal phone number private. When you send customers a text message it is processed through our system and delivered from a phone number in our pool. When the User responds, our system keeps track and relays the message back to you.

This allows you to receive and send messages without revealing your personal number

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In-App Text Icon

CONNECTLocal Users simply browse the directory to find businesses they can message in their area.

Businesses that accept inbound messages are identified by the “Text US” icon notifying Users they can receive a text.

Users simply click the Text Icon to open the message window.

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