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It’s Time for a New Social Platform…
that Puts People First!

Are You Ready for a Social Platform ​that Doesn’t:

  • TRACK what you “click on”, “search for”, “email” or “text”?
  • SELL your information to 3rd parties?
  • TARGET you with Ads you don’t want.
  • CENSOR what you “See & Say”?

How about one that:

  • Puts Users First?
  • Connects You with Friends & Family?
  • Connects with like-minded People on Most Any Popular Topic?
  • Let’s You Create Your Own Interest Group Channel?
  • Supports Local Business – The Heartbeat of the Community?
  • Delivers Local Offers on haircuts, lunches, dinners, oil changes & more?
  • Delivers Mobile Alerts from your favorite businesses & organizations?
  • Let’s You Text Message Local Area Businesses?
  • Gives Users Control over what Advertising they See?


  • We are TheLocalProject, a group of passionate people dedicated to changing social connecting.
  • Our platform & ideals will forever change the way people do social media.
  • You’re invited to JOIN this crowdsourcing effort & “Spread the Word” to others!
  • Together, we CAN build a better social platform!

Our Promise for a Better Platform

We are committed to building a new social platform that puts People First; above profits, popularity, or anything else.  These are the ideologies we are sworn to:

  • The Protection of USER RIGHTS
  • The Defense of FREE SPEECH
  • No Invasion of USER PRIVACY
  • No Data-Mining of Your Personal Information
  • No Unauthorized Ad Targeting
  • No Pay-Per-Click Advertising Charges to businesses
  • Giving Users control over the Advertising they see
  • Giving Users control over what Content they see
  • Giving Users control over which People, Organizations & Businesses They Connect
  • Giving Users a Say in how the platform operates

User Involvement & User Voice

The People’s voice is as important in social media as it is in building our nation.   Our social platform will:

  1. Provide a simple process for all Users to voice their concerns and ideas.
  2. Conduct regular User Surveys to garner User opinions on relevant matters
  3. Establish an Advisory Board of real-life Users who are separate from the platform team.

David Vs the Tech Giants

We recognize the mission is big and approach it with unshakable confidence it can be done.   We’ve weighed the cost and know the challenges that lay ahead.  While we’re not directly battling the Facebook’s and Google’s of the world…we are competing for the same Users.

That’s why You are a key element of this effort!   When you “Stand with Us & Others”…all of us together can accomplish the goal.  A few hundred makes us a cause. A few thousand make us a movement.  Tens of thousands make us unstoppable!

Reading this far proves you’re someone truly interested in a better social platform; for you we have great news!  Our development team has been quietly laying the groundwork of coding a New Platform that is currently over two-thirds complete.  A beta release (CONNECTLocal) is live in the Apple and Android stores, many social functions are already active, and with your backing the remaining functionality will be street-ready first quarter 2021.

To Change Social Media, You Must Change the Revenue Model.

We are not against advertising…business advertising pays for most of the cool free services we as people all enjoy.  It’s how radio, television, and newspapers have operated for over a century.  It wasn’t until the early 2000’s that “Digital Marketing” began changing the rules of the game and not for the better.

Here’s how it works:  Today’s popular search and social platforms give us their platforms for free in order to lure us into their data-mining system.  Once a User, they track nearly everything we do online both on and off their platform (spy on us).   They track what we click on, search for, say in emails, what we buy, even the physical locations we visit.

This information is used to build digital profiles about us and sold to 3rd parties; mostly advertisers who bombard us with advertising we didn’t ask for and sometimes truly don’t want.   The more a 3rd Party is willing to pay, the more access to “you” they are granted.  Of growing concern is that our private information is now beginning to be sold for purposes other than advertising; such as: employment, insurance, healthcare, law enforcement and more.

By using these platforms, “you become the product” these platforms are selling! You have no choice; you have no voice! You are not in control…your private information is NOT SAFE!

Introducing CONNECTNow

Social Media the Way it was Meant to Be…Of, By and For the people!

Our Advertising model is different. 

Along with a new platform we’re introducing a new revenue model “MyChoice Advertising”

With MyChoice, you are NEVER the product.  Advertisers pay a low flat monthly fee to add their “special offers” to the “Offers Queue”.  A flat fee ensures the platform has no incentive to promote one advertiser over another.  It also levels the playing field giving small, local businesses a more affordable and fairer chance to compete for your business.

When it’s time to make a purchase, let’s say for a “new car”:

  1.  You select “New Car Offers” and any offers in the “Offers Queue” are instantly delivered.
  2. You choose the deal you like most, make your purchase, then turn off “New Car Offers”.
  3. Whala…NO MORE CAR ADS!

MyChoice Advertising puts you in control over which advertising you see. You turn it on, and you can turn it off.   We do not invade your privacy to track everything you do.  The only things added to your account profile are the things that YOU APPROVE.

1 Platform with 3 Inspirations

Inspiration #1 – CONNECTLocal (Connects Users with Local Business)

  • Local Businesses need all our support, we make it easier to shop local.
  • Find Local businesses & special offers in ONE PLACE.
  • Text Message local area businesses.
  • Connect with your favorite local businesses to get “VIP Alerts and Offers” on your phone.
  • You have full control over which businesses you connect with and which ones you don’t.

Inspiration #2 – Group Channels (Connects People with Shared Interests)

  • Join or Start a Channel about culture, crafts, hobbies, sports, tech and more!
  • Connect churches, chambers of commerce, non-profits & Veterans groups.
  • Get Mobile Alerts of important news & events from your favorite Groups.
  • Interact with other members of the Groups you belong.
  • You have full control over which Groups you connect with and the ones you don’t.

Group Channels Feature 7 Tools: News Feed, Group Feed, Business Directory, Event Calendar, Group Chat, Offers Marketplace, plus Broadcast & 1to1 Messaging,

Inspiration #3 – MyConnections (Connects You with Family & Friends)

  • Your CONNECTNow Account comes with a MyProfile & MyFeed for personal connections.
  • Invite Family & Friends to connect with you.
  • No Ads will appear in your MyFeed unless you authorize them.
  • No longer want to see ads from a business you’ve approved, simply turn them off!

Something for Everybody – a Win, Win, Win

CONNECTNow is a platform everyone can use without concern of being tracked, targeted, sold or censored. Our utmost mission is to Connect People in a manner that Protects User’s Rights.

  • Local Businesses can promote themselves and their offers without the financial burden of SEO and Pay-Per-Click costs.
  • Users can create Group Channels about chess, cooking, culture, crafts, cycling, skiing, sailing, pets, veterans, movies, kids, parenting, vacationing, reading, acting or 1,000,000 other interests; to connect with each other better than on any other platform.
  • Churches, schools, non-profits, business networking groups large and small are welcome to utilize the technology.
  • Everyone can connect with family, friends, local businesses, interest groups or national organizations; without their privacy being invaded or unwanted ads in their feed.


How You Can Participate

Foremost, we’re asking you to help “Spread the Word”.   Across the nation there is a growing number of people who “believe there’s a need”, “agree with our vision”, and “will gladly back our mission” once they hear about it!

By using their platforms we give Big Tech Companies powerful influence over our lifestyles.  The top search and social platforms have long understood their most valuable asset is not the information they transmit; it is the information they gather about us.  You are the product they sell; and recording everything about us is the activity they engage in.

While many people lament the targeting of ads, the blocking of free speech, or how their information is used; most don’t know what to do about it.  If you Support User RightsBelieve in Free Speech, and truly desire better social platforms….take this opportunity to Stand with Others who are working to make a difference.


Join Others in Building a Social Platform that Puts People First!

  1. Connect with Friends & Family
  2. Connect with Local Business & Community
  3. Connect with Your Favorite Interest Groups

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Social Media Of By & For the PEOPLE

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