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A crowdsourcing endeavor to “Build a Better Internet” at the local level.

We support

  • local business
  • local community
  • local interaction

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297 backers pledged
$383,189 to help bring this
project to life.

The CONNECTLocal Story
Connecting Local People with Local Business & Community

Local Users

Users can:
  • Find information about local businesses, local savings, & local things-to-do
  • Text message local businesses
  • Connect with your favorite local businesses

CONNECTLocal’s MyChoice Advertising is an opt-in program that lets Users choose which businesses they connect with; giving control over what advertising they receive. Connected businesses send their best VIP alerts & offers direct to your mobile device for FAST, 100% delivery. Connect with your favorite restaurants, hair stylist, church, children’s dance studio…those businesses meaningful to you.

Local Businesses

Businesses can join their area’s local network for FREE. Upgraded memberships gain access to a suite of robust technology to Mobile connect with customers and better interact with CONNECTLocal Users.

CONNECTLocal lets Businesses:
  • Accept inbound text messages from anyone
  • Send Customer Service Texts to customers
  • Send VIP Promotional Alerts & Offers
  • Promote on local consumer cellphones

The MobileCONNECT technology suite provides an affordable, ever-growing array of mobile functionality to grow your business.

Learn more here: Business Video

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NonProfit Organizations

Not-for-Profit organizations such as churches, chambers, clubs, animal rescue groups, veterans groups or sports leagues can supercharge their member communication with a Channel on the CONNECTLocal Platform.

NonProfit Channels:
  • Improve communication 500% over email
  • Send SMS Text & Push Notifications to member mobile devices
  • Include a News Feed, Event Calender & Business Directory

Your CONNECTLocal Channel will dramatically improve the delivery & read rate of your organization’s important news. Business members can signup to be featured in your directory to gain exposure to your membership; creating a fundraising revenue stream for your organization.

Civic Municipalities

Municipalities of every size can launch their Community Channel on the CONNECTLocal Platform. Get powerful tools to touch the cellphones of your residents.

Civic Channels:
  • Send Residents both SMS Text & Push Notifications
  • Improve communication 500% to 1000% over email
  • Provide a Community News Feed, Event Calender & Directory

Each civic agency can create and manage their own Resident Groups, giving the ability to target the right message to the right residents. Your municipal Channel can be used for civic updating, emergency notification, disaster communication and more.


Phase I and Phase II have completed, laying a solid foundation for a local mobile platform that can create new networks on the fly and is jam-packed with robust social connecting & messaging technology.

Phase III is currently underway, building on that foundation to provide more value to local communities and broaden even greater support for the Project.

Phase III Features

The User Private feed will deliver all the functionality of the world’s top social media platforms, WITH NO ADVERTISING. A User’s “Private Feed” will be under their full control. Users can invite their family and friends to connect with their CONNECTLocal account. Only these invited Users will be able to view, post and share on your Private feed.

The Neighborhood feed will let all Users located within the network to view and post content. Neighborhood posts can share items for sale, news about the community, or general interests. MyChoice capabilities will allow Users to customize their Neighborhood feed to display only the posts they are interested in. Users can filter posts by User or by content classifications; delivering the exact content they are looking for.

Channel Enhancements
Channels allow municipalities and nonprofits to utilize CONNECTLocal’s technology to better communicate with their members. These Phase III enhancements will provide new functionalities tailored to the specific needs of these organizations.

Channel Enhancements Include:

  • Private Channels for closed groups.
  • Public or Private Feed & Calendar Posts: viewable privately or in CONNECTLocal’s public network.
  • Dual Business Registration: places Channel businesses in CONNECTLocal’s public network.
  • Channel Switcher: lets Users easily switch between their favorite Channels
  • Channel Level Communication: advanced tools for Channel Administrators.


Current Goal Met: $50,000 – HORAAY!!! PHASE III IS ON THE WAY!


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Spread the Word

That’s it! If you believe in our mission, tell others, share our website, App, & videos with family and friends. Your voice makes a difference! The more people who download our app and redeem local business offers, the better the network will become.

Join us in building the best local networks in every community

Add Your Business

If you have a local business, we want it in CONNECTLocal! Tell your story, promote your offers and access some powerful mobile technologies to help grow your business.

With numerous way to join, choose the option that’s right for you. Memberships is already affordable and during this campaign Reward Perks make membership even more attractive. So choose your plan, signup and access all the mobile features CONNECTLocal has to offer.

(* Sorry, CONNECTLocal is a family friendly service, no sexually orientated businesses allowed)

Join the LocalProject Team

TheLocalProject is a crowdsourcing endeavor. Crowdsourcing means a lot of people working together on a common goal. You can contribute as much or as little as you like.

  • Become an Ambassador: 2-5 hours month, tell others about CONNECTLocal and add some local content.
  • Become a City Partner: work part-time 3-5 hours a week, earn $200 to $500 per month
  • Become an Area Director: take lead role in building your area’s network.
  • Become a Regional Director: Develop and oversee large metropolitan areas.
  • Become a State Partner: Partner with the Home Office to bring CONNECTLocal to your state. Earn on every business signup!

You’ll find more team information on our website. Attend a Team Orientation or contact the home office to get your questions answered and get started.

Choose a Reward Perk – Support the Project!

Thank you for reviewing this campaign page, please consider supporting the project by choosing one of our cool Reward Perks. Matter of fact, its ok if you choose two perks…this is what will enable us to get Phase 3 done and release new features. We sincerely appreciate everyone’s support!

Even More Cool Features Are On the Way!

Like what we’ve built so far? You are going to love what’s planned for 2019!

Phase 4 will be launching CONNECTLocal’s “Personal Safety Features” which include FollowME, See-Something-Say-Something, and Disaster Communication. We’re most excited about FollowME; it will monitor and protect anyone traveling alone. Great for students, single mothers, seniors…and anyone that has to routinely travel on their own.

Phase 5 will bring VIP Local Rewards! This community-wide loyalty program will incentivize local consumers to shop in network and patronize CONNECTLocal businesses. Stay tuned!

Thank you again for stopping by – We trust you’ll Join with us to build the local network for your town.

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  • Business Section Sponsorship

    Your business will be featured at the top of every category in your section. Plus you’ll get $1000 in Graphic/Web services! (Reg $149/mo) Onetime $995 Contribution Only $49*/mo for life
  • City Partner Account

    Everything you need to add local content, enroll businesses, & earn income! (Reg $9.95/mo) 1 Full Year $87 Contribution
  • Area Director Account

    Everything you need to take lead role in building your area’s network and team. (Reg $29mo) 1 Full Year $299 Contribution
  • Regional Director Account

    Oversee the entire metropolitan area; recruit, train and motivate your team! (Reg $79mo) 1 Full Year $795 Contribution
  • State Partner

    Bring TheLocalProject to your state. Partner with the home office to introduce and develop your territory; earn Lifetime residuals on all business signups. InquireBuy Now!

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