Clubs & Non-Profits

Are you a Non-Commercial, Non-Profit or Not-for-Profit Organization?

If you meet our simple guidelines TheLocalProject will give your organization a membership at No Cost. You’ll receive:

  • A FREE Dashboard Account,
  • Live Profile,
  • Access to post your News &
  • Upcoming Events…
  • Free Broadcast Messaging and more!
  • PTA’s
  • Chambers
  • Animal Rescue
  • Sporting Clubs
  • Associations
  • Churches
  • Veterans Groups
  • Rotary’s

Join the Network – Enjoy These Benefits

Fundraising Opportunity

Help Signup Businesses in Your Area & Earn!

Create a revenue stream for your organization through CONNECTLocal’s residual Fundraising program. CONNECTLocal is enrolling businesses into our system for FREE and making our MobileCONNECT upgrades available for a low-cost monthly fee. When your organization helps spread the word by telling your business affiliates about CONNECTLocal and they signup; your organization will receive a portion of their membership fee each month. A typical membership contributes between $5 and $10 per month, to your organization .

Just 100 business signups can generate $10,000 per year or more for your organization in support of your causes. Contact us at to learn more.

Promote Activities Events

Post news of your upcoming events on local area mobile phones

Your FREE CONNECTLocal account includes access to post to your local area’s Feed and Event Calendar. Post as often as your like to let your community know what you’re doing. Both Local Feed posts and Event Calendar posts include backlinks to your website where you can tell even more of your story! Want even more mobile power?

Apply for your organization’s own CONNECTLocal Channel to Supercharge Your Communication even more!

VIP Subscriber Program

Send broadcast mobile text messages to your members, supporters & staff

Your FREE CONNECTLocal account includes MobileCONNECT’s VIP System. You’ll be able to connect your organization with your member’s mobile devices and send both 1to1 messages and broadcast messages to those on your VIP Subscriber List.
All In-App messaging is free, send as often as needed. Sending SMS messages is easy and at the lowest costs anywhere. Non-profits qualify for full SMS features at only $9.95 a month and .01 per text.

Accept Inbound Text Messages

Accept inbound text messages to your organization

Inbound messages arrive in your dashboard inbox accessible from any desktop PC. Messages can be auto-relayed to any staff member’s mobile device for easy, simple and untethered message access. CONNECTLocal’s number cloaking lets staff respond to messages without ever revealing their personal cell phone number.

Your organization will receive a dedicated text phone line, SMS staff relaying, After-hours auto message replies and more; all included in the Non-Profit $9.95 monthly plan.

Get Your Organization’s Channel for just $10.95/mo!

Qualified non-profit and not-for-profit organizations will receive a CONNECTLocal Dashboard Account, access to post to the Local Feed & Event Calendar, MobileCONNECT’s In-App messaging and more. Send as many In-App messages as you need at no cost. Upgrade to include SMS Texting for just $9.95/mo, you’ll receive a dedicated SMS text number, SMS staff relaying plus the industry’s lowest cost SMS messaging at only .01 per message and MMS graphic messages at only .02.

Qualification is fast and easy! We accept little league teams, PTA’s, business groups, churches, animal rescue groups, Veteran organizations and more. Contact your local CONNECTLocal representative or call 281-500-1450 to get started.