Keyword Connecting for Business

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ConnectLocal KEYWORDConnect

The Easiest Way to Connect Your Business with Your Customers’ Cellphones

        How It Works:

Enjoy Unlimited Uses – Create As Many Keywords As You Like!

Here are just some of the many ways Keyword-Connecting can deliver your message to your customer’s cellphones.

Launch Your VIP Customer Program

Customers Text Your Keyword

VIP’s Visit Your Landing Page

Sell Real Estate Properties

Your Custom Auto Message is Immediately Sent

Home Buyers Visit Your Landing page

Make Quote Requests Easy

Distribute Marketing Materials

Use at Trade Shows

Register for Activities and Events

Only Keyword-Connecting Instantly adds EVERY KEYWORD USER to your Mobile Connections List

You Receive Instant Notification
of Every New Connection

Engage Your Connections
with Alerts, News & Offers

No other platform “Connects, Captures, & Registers” Users so you can touch them with future contact!

Your Subscription Comes with 4 BONUS Features

Bonus Feature #1: MOBILE CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT – Broadcast to All or Part of Your List!

  • Broadcast Message Your Mobile Alerts, News & Special Offers; your messages appear on the front of your customer’s mobile device.
  • Just one Well-Crafted Message Per Month can Increase Customer Retention and Grow Your Sales 10% to 20%!

Engage Your Customers with 98.4% Read Rates

  1. Achieve Mobile’s Response Rates of 14% to 38%
  2. 500% to 2000% More Effective than Email & Social Media
  3. Millennial Buyers Prefer Text over Email or Calls
  4. Improve Customer Relations
  5. Grow Sales 10% to 20% Over Previous 12 Months

Bonus Feature #2: RECEIVE INBOUND CUSTOMER TEXTS – Send & Receive from your PC, Laptop or Tablet

  • Customers & prospects can text your business landline or dedicated text number for convenient text conversations.


  • Mobile messaging is faster & easier than email, and less costly than telephoning

Bonus Feature #4: REGISTRATION OF YOUR COMPANY into CONNECTLocal’s Database

  • We Support Local Business, Local Shopping, Local Buying!
  • Promotion of your business & special offers to local business and consumer buyers. (Local Networks are Opening Nationally)
  • No Pay-Per-Click Fees & No Special Offer Transaction Fees, 100% of the revenue belongs to you.

How to Get Started

It’s Easy as 1,2,3

Activate Your Account (Just $49 Onetime Setup / $59mo)

Enter your Keyword, Auto-Message, & Landing Page

Promote Your Keyword

Start Connecting with Your Customers Today

Just $49 Gets You Started

Simply Text “Activate” to 844-307-1500 – Call: 281-500-1450 – Or Email Us:

Optional Services: Check out these cool services designed to help you even more!

1) Assisted Setup – Just $49

Our team will assist you with all your account setup!

We’ll help you:
• Choose Your Keyword(s)
• Create your initial message & offer
• Determine Your Best Landing Page
• Show you & your staff how to grow your list.

2) Landing Page Creation – Starting at $99

Need a landing page that tells your story? We’ll build one for you and ensure that all the elements are in place to drive conversions & sales!

3) We Do It for You – Managed Mobile Engagement – Just $169/mo

Let our Team manage your Mobile Customer Engagement Campaigns. Every month we’ll help determine the most enticing Alerts, News, & VIP Offers to send to your customers; create the messages, manage 2 monthly sends, and handle up to 20 customer inquiries. You simply promote your keywords inhouse…we’ll do the rest!