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Join in the Effort to Restart Local Commerce…
Give Your Business Members the
Tools to Put America Back to Work!

Pass along this offer to Equip your local
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Your members get everything they need to
Mobile Engage Customers directly through their Cellphone…

See how your organization can receive “revenue share” each month, simply for introducing this offer to your members!

    • Keyword Connecting,
    • Business Texting,
    • Mobile Customer Engagement
    • & Affordable Local Advertising all in one.

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    Your organization will receive a monthly income stream simply for “Spreading the Word”!

    Choose to do a little or a lot…there’s a plan
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    You’ll receive 10%, 20%, as much as 30% each month for every business your
    organization introduces to CONNECTLocal.

    • Just 20 businesses can earn over $500 every month, $6,000 per year.
    • Just 50 businesses can earn over $1000 every month, $12,000 per year.
    • Just 100 businesses can earn over $2000 every month, $25,000 per year.
    • 500 businesses can earn over $10,000 every month, $120,000 per year.

    Ongoing fundraising income to support
    your mission wherever it’s needed most!

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    Want to Supercharge Your Communication with Membership by 500%?

    Channel Technology will boost your membership’s read rates to 98% and
    centralize your branding, messaging & promotion into one convenient place.

    Ask How Your
    CONNECTNow Channel Will Give You:

    1. The Best Mobile App
    2. Ability to Connect Your Organization with Your Mem ber’s Cellphones
    3. Keyword Text Marketing & Mobile Engagement
    4. Send Community SMS Text Alerts
    5. Customer Service Texting
    6. A Website Portal
    7. Mobile & Web Business Directory
    8. Mobile & Web Local Special Offers
    9. Mobile & Web Event Calendar with RSVP
    10. Much, Much More!

    Contact Us for a Demo of this
    Exciting New Way to Connect
    & Blow Your Current Email & Social Media Results Away!

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