Below you’ll find answers to the most commonly asked questions:

How old is TheLocalProject?
Early 2016, ENet Technologies commissioned its team to take on the “web localization challenge” and harness the 20 year old company’s resources to formulate TheLocalProject.  TheLocalProject began field testing in July of 2016, with the official public launch occurring in July of 2017.  You can learn more about our formation by watching the Back Story video.

Why a background check and will I pass?
We screen backgrounds to insure the quality of our team. The likelihood of your application being approved is high; we are not indifferent towards those who have made mistakes in their past and have since bettered themselves. Feel welcome to apply or contact us to discuss your particular situation.

What skills should I have to join the team?
Regardless of experience we welcome most everyone to our team.  To us, the most important traits are characteristics such as honesty, integrity, good cognitive skills, and a warm personality.  At TheLocalProject, we are in the PEOPLE business.  If you enjoy working with people, are reasonably out-going and have a willingness to learn, you likely qualify.  Those interested in serving as Area Directors and Vice Presidents should have business, management or sales experience that prepares them for those roles.

Do I have a protected territory?
This answer does vary somewhat by position.  For City Partners, Editors, and Digital Specialists; you will work within your “Local Area Network” alongside your Area Director. Both Area & Regional Directors are assigned territories where they focus their efforts. Other than for a breach of contract such as fraud or other negligence to the territory; we have no basis, incentive or intention to remove a successful Area or Regional Director.

How do I get training?
Training consists of on-demand video lessons conducted over the Internet through GoToWebinar technology. This self-paced training allows you to watch and review the information as quickly as you’re able. Training is supported by weekly web meetings and direct home office support where you can get the answers to your questions.

Am I an employee?
All TLP positions are independent contract positions. You will receive a gross paycheck and are required to submit your taxes directly to the IRS. Typically, you will be able to deduct expenses such as your cell phone bill, some automobile costs, and others, as a legitimate tax deduction.

The video said there is “Vesting” what does this mean?
Vesting continues to pay you on the business enrollments you make, after you retire from our program. The longer you remain on the team, the longer we will continue to pay you on your enrollments after you have left the TLP program. Partners with 10 years or longer on TheLocalProject Team will continue to receive compensation for their enrollments for “Life” after they retire. More on this subject will be covered during training.

I see similar opportunities, why TheLocalProject?
There surely are many local web-services in the marketplace. Most could be divided into one of 2 classes: 1) large national players such as Craigslist, Yelp, and the Yellow Pages, or 2) small independent players. Regardless of the number, none have succeeded in becoming an all-encompassing local service that adequately covers and captures the local market. Several key differences position TheLocalProject to excel in the web localization space: 1) we are building a better platform, 2) we are equipping the business members with better technology and 3) our crowdsourcing program involves and rewards local people to participate in the effort like no other offering.  The residual component of our compensation plan will create unparalleled incomes for those who choose to build with us. Better PEOPLE produce better content, better community relationships and better growth.