Refer A Business

Refer a Favorite Business, Get a $50 Reward
& WIN Up to $2,000,000 in Cash & Prizes BY HELPING GROW YOUR LOCAL AREA NETWORK

Two Options: Request or Refer Local Area Businesses

Option 1: Request a Business

Is there a business you’d like to see in the CONNECTLocal Network?

Enter their basic information into the “Request a Business” form and we will contact them to explain TheLocalProject mission and get them onboard.

Option 2: Refer a Business, Get a $50 Reward
Plus 100 Giveaway Drawing Entries, it’s Easy!

Tell the business you’d like to get their offers sent to your phone through CONNECTLocal’s Mobile App.

Ask for their Contact Name, Email Address & Phone Number so that we can contact them to explain the program.


Refer as many as you like, there’s no limit to how many Rewards you can earn!

Easy Program Rules

  1. Let businesses know you want to receive their offers on your mobile device through CONNECTLocal’s network.
  2. Ask for the contact person’s name & email address and enter them into the “Refer a Business” Form.
    (Available Both Here & in the Help Section of the CONNECTLocal/CONNECTNow Apps.)
  3. We will contact them with details and if they upgrade their FREE listing within 60 days; the $50 Reward is Yours!

Plus! You will receive 100 Entries in our $2,000,000 Giveaway

See $2,000,000 Giveaway Details Here

Come on and join us in “Building a Local Network for Your Town”!


Request or Refer a Business Form

    TO REQUEST A BUSINESS - Simply enter the name & address of the business you'd like us to contact below!

    TO REFER A BUSINESS - Let them know you'd like to get their offers in CONNECTLocal. Ask for a contact person & email address and enter below!
    We'll send them program details.

    Enter the letters and numbers shown below.