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Partner With Us to Build a Better Internet in Your Town

TheLocalProject crowdsourcing initiative is creating opportunities across the nation by enlisting an army of people to join forces with us to build a better Internet in their town.

Openings are available for full-time or part-time work where you can use your skills to work close to home, while at the same time contributing positively to your community.









We all know the Internet works great on the national or global level. It’s fantastic! Tremendous!

As amazing as the Internet is and as much as it has evolved globally since the 90’s, it still has not matured at the local level.

image1Even after 20 years of “public Internet” development, the majority of consumers are still unable to:
a) Book online dinner reservations with their favorite local restaurants,
b) Schedule a haircut appointment with their personal stylist, and
c) Truly “COMMUNICATE” with the majority of their local area businesses “ONLINE.”

Local businesses need better web-based technology.

When we visit most local business websites we typically find some “web info” along with their name, address, phone number and a map listing.  The majority of local business websites do not contain the bi-directional functionality that would allow us to truly interact or communicate with their business through the web.  We have to pick up the phone, send an email or drive to their location, in order to truly connect!

The Solution

TheLocalProject is a nationwide undertaking committed to further advancing the online presence of local communities across America. The official term for this effort is “Web Localization.”

planOur mission is to “continually pursue a better online platform for connecting local communities.”

TheLocalProject is a collaborative effort to establish local neighborhood networks in cities across the nation. The goals of each network are to provide a combination of “better interactive technology” and “more accurate, relevant content” than every other web-based alternative.

Objectives of each network include:

  •  Organize the best local information into one place,
  •  Compile reliable, accurate information,
  •  Give local users control over what information they see,
  •  Equip local businesses with interactive capabilities.
  •  Promote online local commerce within the community.

TheLocalProject’s core technology is in place with ongoing development continuing to expand the capabilities of our platform.


Join the team! – Together, Let’s Build a Better Internet.

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