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MobileCONNECT Overview

The LocalProject’s MobileCONNECT technology allows you to form a direct connection between your business and your VIP member’s mobile devices.

Users connect to your business in 2 ways:

  • By clicking the “CONNECT Icon”  on your profile
  • Through SMS Signup using your unique “Keyword”

Connected Users are instantly added to your “VIP List”.  At the same time, your business is added to their Connected List inside the CONNECTLocal mobile app.

You can send individual VIP Members a “1to1 Message” which goes to their mobile device only.

Or, you can send a “Broadcast Message” to everyone on your VIP List.

You can send messages in 3 ways:

  • In-App Only
  • In-App with Push Notification
  • Both In-App and SMS simultaneously

You can View, Manage & Respond to inbound messages from your “Message Inbox”.

With a “Dedicated SMS Number” your businesses can accept “Inbound SMS Messages” from any mobile phone User, located anywhere in the United States.

You can manger your “SMS Settings” from here.

You can find “Marketing Ideas & Suggestions” here.

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