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Using Text Messaging for Churches and other places of worship.

How people can connect to you?

  1. Users can connect to you by installing TheLocalProject App and clicking the connect icon on your churches profile.
  1. Users can connect to you by texting your KEYWORD to 844-307-3500 or 866-866-7109
  1. Add a form to your website asking people to subscribe to your messaging service, this is a great way to get people subscribed to both text messaging and email.
  1. Advertise your text messaging service on your social media accounts frequently.

Strategies for using SMS

  1. Daily or weekly devotionals. Encourage your congregation to stay on the right path by sending inspirational or spiritual devotionals.
  1. Reminders: Do you have a group function coming up, send text messages to remind all participants for the function or encourage others to join.
  1. Prayer Requests: We all know there is power in prayer, use the power of text messaging to put your prayer warriors to work.
  1. Changes in service times or delays: Keep your congregation informed about any changes happening.
  1. Get closer to youth: Did you know that 91% of teens with cell phones actively text and young adults send or receive 128 text message per day.  There is no way more effective to communicate with youth today.
  1. Make your service interactive: Get instant feedback from the congregation during a sermon.
  1. Contests: Run contests to get more participation in various groups.

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