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Using Text Messaging for Bars and Nightclubs

How people can connect to you?

  1. Users can connect to you by installing TheLocalProject App and clicking the connect icon on your business profile.
  1. Users can connect to you by texting your KEYWORD to 844-307-3500

Getting users to connect with you.

  1. Add a form to your website asking people to subscribe to your messaging service, this is a great way to get people subscribed to both text messaging and email.
  1. Advertise your text messaging service on your social media accounts frequently.
  1. Use posters or table tents to promote offers that encourage people to join your list.
  1. Use contests to get more signups. For example, you could offer a chance to win $50.00 bar tab or maybe VIP seating to watch their favorite game or favorite band.
  1. Talk to your customers and ask them to join your list.

Strategies for using SMS

  1. Let your subscribers know about happy hour or ladies night specials.
  1. Having a slow night? Send out a message to your subscribers offering:
    1. Get two drinks for the price of one.
    2. A free appetizer
    3. Happy Hour extended all night, all beer and well drinks half off.
  1. Is there a big game or a pay-per-view event happening, send out a message and let your list know you have the event on multiple screens in your venue. Those that come to watch an event are sure to have a few beverages while they are there.

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