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4) Promote Your VIP Subscriber List

Now that you’re familiar with how the MobileCONNECT messaging works, the next step is to promote your list.

Mobile messaging has a 98% total read rate; with 93% of messages being read within 3 minutes of send. This is why the New York Times said, “mobile messaging is the closest thing to a guaranteed read”. Compare that to broadcast emails which average just a 22% read rate with the average email being read 19 hours after send.

Millennial consumers, those buyers 40 and under, have made mobile messaging their preferred method of communication. Adding this communication capability to your business offers new choices to your customers and saves both of you time.

It’s important to decide how you’re going to use your VIP List. You will find many useful ideas in the “Using Your VIP Program” of this Help section. A few quick thoughts include:

  1. sending weekly or monthly specials to your best customers,
  2. sending web-links to newsletters, special announcements, or videos,
  3. sending 1to1 messages for service truck arrivals, pickup notices, or appointment reminders.

Here are the top ways to Promote your new VIPConnect Mobile Marketing Program:

  • Create Signage
    CONNECTLocal offers several promotional collateral pieces that you can print and display throughout your location. Click the “Marketing Materials” link in the bottom-left-hand navigation of your BCC.
  • Add to website & social media
    Tell your customers or members they can signup to get your mobile alerts and best VIP Offers send to their phone.
  • Train & Incentivize your staff
    Teach your staff to introduce your new VIP program to existing customers. Put up a contest for the employees who get the most signups.
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