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8 Tips for Building Your VIP List

  1. Social Media – If you already have a fan base on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram you should regularly invite followers to join your VIP list to receive your Mobile Alerts and Exclusive Offers. Be sure to include the VIP Signup Text Number (844-307-3500) and your Keyword. Consider including a special offer with your post to give incentive for joining your list such as: a discount off their next purchase, just for joining.
  1. In Store Signage – Table tents, window stickers or handouts are a great way for attracting VIP signups because they are already in your place of business and have an interest in your products or services. Again, use offers such as “Get an Instant Discount” on your next purchase or “Receive our Exclusive Mobile Discounts on your phone”.
  1. Prize Giveaway Drawing – Enter everyone who joins your VIP List within a specific period of time (usually a calendar month) into a Promotional Giveaway. Prizes can range from a physical item, to company swag or even a Gift Certificate towards “Dinner for Two”. The more exciting the prize the more excited customers will be to Connect with your business and even download the CONNECTLocal app. Be sure to promote your giveaway on your website, social media, and in-store print media.
  1. Employee Contests – Incentivize your employees to help grow your company’s VIP Subscriber List. Create a month long promotion and offer a prize to the employee who gets the most VIP signups. Be sure to set clear ground rules up front as to what qualifies as a valid VIP Signup. Prize suggestions include: a) a day off with pay, b) lunch with the boss, c) $100 Certificate towards Dinner for Two, or d) a night on the town.
  1. Email – Sending an Email Invite can be a great way to build your VIP list. If you already have an email subscriber list, you can send an email promoting your new mobile Subscriber list. Another great suggestion is to add the CONNECTLocal Text Signup Number (844-307-3500) and your keyword to the signature of your outbound emails.
  1. Newsletters – Do you have a monthly company newsletter or advertise in any print media such as a magazine? Make sure your keyword and the CONNECTLocal Text Signup Number (844-307-3500) are prominently shown.
  1. Off Site Print Media – Are you hosting and event, trade show or conference? Be sure to include signage that promotes your Signup Keyword, gives incentive and invites people to mobile connect with you on CONNECLocal.
  1. Radio and TV – if you advertise on radio or TV make sure you take advantage of that airtime by promoting your keyword and the CONNECTLocal Text Signup Number (844-307-3500). This coupled with a promotion to encourage signups is a great way to add VIP members.