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Using Text Messaging for Retail Stores

How people can connect to you?

  1. Users can connect to you by installing TheLocalProject App and clicking the connect icon on your stores profile.
  1. Users can connect to you by texting your KEYWORD to 844-307-3500 or 866-866-7109

Getting users to connect with you.

  1. Add posters around the store telling people they will get X% off their next purchase for joining. They can then show the cashier the confirmation to get the discount.
  1. Run a contest for a bigger ticket item, everyone that joins gets an entry into the contest.
  1. Add a form to your website asking people to subscribe to your messaging service, this is a great way to get people subscribed to both text messaging and email.
  1. Advertise your text messaging service on your social media accounts frequently.

Strategies for using SMS

  1. Having a slow day because of weather, send out a text message with a discount to anyone that shops today only.
  1. Announce upcoming sales – Weekend sale, come in this weekend and save 20% when you show us this message.
  1. Giveaways: Come see us today only and show this message for a free gift.
    Events: Having a book signing, wine tasting, or other event.  Let you customers know the day before the event to drive more foot traffic.

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