Welcome to TheLocalProject

Our Mission…to Build a Better LOCAL Internet!

It’s nearing 24 months since the first meeting for TheLocalProject was held. At the time, it was still an idea, a vision to build a mobile platform that aggregated the best local information into one place and provided functionality for area residents to mobily interact with local area businesses.

We’ve come a long way in just 22 months!

Our vision took shape and the result is CONNECTLocal’s mobile app; the best local platform on the planet!  That’s no exaggeration, CONNECTLocal is the most advanced digital tool for “mobily connecting communities”.

For Users, CONNECTLocal will

  1. Make it easy to find local businesses, info and offers.
  2. Text Message Local Businesses.
  3. Connect with your favorite businesses to get their VIP alerts & offers on your mobile device.

For Businesses, CONNECTLocal will

  1. Let you Accept Text Messages to Your business.
  2. Mobily Connect your business with your customer’s mobile device.
  3. Send your VIP mobile broadcast messages or 121 customer service messages.

For Non-Profits, CONNECTLocal will

  1. Let your organization create its own CONNECTLocal Channel.
  2. Send mobile messages to all your donors, supporters, and staff.
  3. Give you mobile app features including a Channel Feed, Event Calendar and Directory.

For Civic Agencies, CONNECTLocal will

  1. Let you send mobile messages to local residents for FREE.
  2. Distribute announcements and news about upcoming civic events.
  3. Organize your town’s best local information into one place.


CONNECTLocal is in place, ready for your community’s content.

User’s – Let local businesses know you’d like to have their offers sent to your mobile phone, or tell us here.

Businesses – Get Registered, It’s FREE!

Non-Profits – Request your organizations Channel, it’s FREE!

Civic Agencies – Contact us to learn how to get your FREE branded solution.

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