TheLocalProject: Readying for the New Year 2019

To All Our Friends,

As we enter the Holiday Season, two thoughts seem common among most of us. First, is the special time spent with family & friends making memories. Second, is a natural self-reflection of where we’ve been and what we’ve done in this journey called life; combined with fresh ideas and rekindled hopes to better our lives in the new year that lies ahead.

At TheLocalProject we’ve come a long way since our launch 30 months ago; the CONNECTLocal platform which started as an idea is now a reality.

What sets CONNECTLocal aside from all of today’s popular platforms is our approach to the User, their privacy, their personal data, and the delivery of advertisements. It’s front page news that platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Yelp all collect the User’s data in order to sell it to advertisers, so advertisers can then target “us the consumer”.

If you use these platforms “you are the product” and “access to you” is what’s being sold to generate revenue for these platforms. Recent reporting shows there’s little discretion in what information is sold or what access is given. Nearly everything we enter into these platforms including our private messages is offered to 3rd parties so they can market to us. Even the microphones in our cellphone, Alexa, and Echo are used to listen for when we say keywords like Bahamas, Chevy, eye-liner; so digital ads can be “targeted to us” whenever we touch a digital device.

As an alternative, CONNECTLocal utilizes the concept of MyChoice Advertising which puts the User in full control of what advertising they see. In our model, we never compromise the User, their data, or their privacy to an advertiser. Our revenue model calls for businesses to pay a flat-fee to have their business represented in the network and allows Users to select which advertising and businesses they want to access.

Much could be shared about TheLocalProject’s Mission, credo and CONNECTLocal. We are a grass-roots initiative of people working together to build a network for their community that they would like to have. The modern term is “crowdsourcing”, however the principal is the same. We believe people can do a better job building their town’s network than those in the Ivory Towers of Silicon Valley.

That’s where you come in! You can play a role in expanding the platform nationally, statewide, regionally, or simply where you live. Get involved as little or as much as you like. When you support the “Project”, your contributions combine with the contributions of others to create a local network built by Users for Users.

We’re looking for people at all levels to join the effort. Opportunities include equity ownership of the national parent organization, State Sponsorships, Regional Management, and more. If you have interest, we’d like to talk with you.

I find the last 2 weeks of December the most special time of the year, a loving, peaceful time to reflect on the past year and prepare for the year upcoming. If you would like to discuss the role you can play in expanding our operations I both welcome and encourage you to reach out during this holiday season. Other than the important times such as Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve…I’m available to visit with everyone who shares in the passion of our mission.

All of us at TheLocalProject would like to wish you and your family a joyous Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

George W. Bogle Jr.
Founder & Executive Partner
Building a Better Internet
724-725-8000 – 281-500-1450
Text Us 844-307-1500

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