Strategy: 3 Easy Steps to Grow Sales 10% in 2019

Here’s something every local business owner should know:
Business Mobile Text Messaging is proving itself!

Just 1 well-crafted mobile messages per month can grow your sales 10% or more!

Mobile messaging is warmer and more personal than email
Mobile messaging is today’s most popular form of communication

Mobile Messaging is a near Guaranteed Read
• No other communication option has the effectiveness of mobile texting!
• 99.9% delivery rate, 98.4% read rate, of which 93% are read within 3 minutes.
• Text message read rates exceed email read rates 5 times or more. Said another way, “50 customers on a mobile text list will typically out-produce 250 customers on an email list”.

Mobile Messaging produces the highest response rate
• Business text response rates are trending 14.6% to 38% depending on industry; NOTHING ELSE COMES CLOSE!

Here’s How to Get Started!

1) Establish a VIP Customer Program
Every business has loyal, valued customers with the potential for more if given a little special attention and care. Incentivizing customers to make “just one extra purchase per year” typically adds 8% – 12% to a local business’s bottom line.

It’s not difficult; use signage, social media and employee training to invite customers to opt-in to your VIP Customer program. You’ll be amazed at how many take you up on it; just 30 to 50 VIP Customers on your list can make a real impact.

2) Don’t Over Do It
“Quality over quantity” is the secret to a successful VIP Customer Program. As mentioned, just one or two well-crafted messages per month can grow your sales by 10% or more. Your company’s ideal messaging frequency is related to how often customers typically purchase your product or service.

Since we all eat every day, a restaurant could send a weekly VIP Offer without over doing it. An upscale restaurant may choose to send a VIP Alert or Offer once a month. A lunch restaurant in a busy business district may offer nearby office workers a daily alert announcing the “Special of the Day”.

Consumers typically purchase a new car every 2 to 5 years; so getting a weekly message about a car purchase would get old quick. However a dealerships sending monthly VIP Offers for related auto repairs, auto battery or tire specials could be highly welcomed by its customers.

Most consumers wouldn’t want monthly alerts about a new AC/heating system. One of our heating & cooling clients offers its customers a monthly reminder text “Time to Change Your Furnace Filter”. They find customers love it and have even had friends signup to get the alert. These monthly reminders maintain a relationship impacting where these customers are likely to call whenever their system does need repair?

Your CONNECTLocal system lets you divide your Master VIP List into Sub-Groups so you can customize message content and frequency to fit the VIP Customer’s needs.

3) Make Messages Compelling
Here again quality over quantity, don’t send a message just to send a message. Depending on your customer’s needs there can be different reasons for sending a mobile message. An obvious reason is an offer to sell something, but other reasons include sending important news alerts about your business or your industry.

For example, a child’s daycare center may send alerts about school closings, reminders about submitting medical records or the upcoming field trip. Start by thinking about your customer’s needs and what information should get into their hands.

There are times for sending “VIP Alerts” and times for sending “VIP Offers”.

Mobile messages are light customer touches that are NEARLY ALWAYS READ; they should be brief, typically less than 160 characters. Sometimes including a hyper-link to a web-page with more detailed information is the best way to go. For example, a CPA accounting firm might send a mobile alert like this: New Payroll Laws in Effect January 1st. Click here for a one page summary of what you need to know:

CONNECTLocal has everything you need to:

• Establish your VIP Customer List
• Create unlimited VIP Customer Sub-Groups
• Provide Customers 3 Ways to Join Your List
• Send & Receive Messages from Your Computer

Why mobile alerts over email? 80% of business emails are never read, 98% of mobile texts are!
Use mobile messaging to connect with your customers & grow sales by 10% or more in 2019!

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