The Platform

TheLocalProject platform is a centralized database accessible through both a desktop and mobile interface. The system core utilizes mobile architecture, as 55% of today’s Internet usage is mobile based with that number continuing to rise.

The platform’s geographic data is organized into 600 metro markets which cover the entire United States including Alaska and Hawaii. Every U.S. postal zip code is assigned to one of these 600 metro markets. Metro markets can be further divided and searched by a) city, b) local area network, and c) zip code.

In addition to the geographic data, the platform supports profile tables for a) area businesses, b) civic entities, c) community entities (such as chambers of commerce, churches, and area landmarks), and d) registered consumers (Users). Each entity and individual member enrolled into the ‘local area network’ has the ability to manage their own profile.

The true power behind each local area network emanates from the interactive capabilities incorporated into the platform. These interactive capabilities are divided into two areas: 1) business interactives and 2) common interactives.

Business interactives equip businesses with the ability to communicate and interact with users who are on the platform or their website. Communication modules provide bi-directional communication functionality such as ‘one-to-one messaging’ and real-time voice capabilities through the platform. Interactive modules make useful functionality available to users such as: booking appointments, checking status, making payments, and other relevant activities based on the business type. Examples of useful applications would include local businesses being able to answer questions, provide money saving opportunities, and more, in real-time.

TheLocalProject platform will make these interactive functionalities available to local businesses in modular form so they can be easily and affordably integrated by the business.

Common interactives are designed to provide useful tools to the members of the community. The main components are: a) MyTLP, b) the Local-Feed, and c) the community directory. Additional interactives include: a) local classifieds, b) event calendar, c) community forums, and d) local news. All of this content and functionality is organized into a centralized location making it extremely convenient for users to find and access the local information they are seeking.

TheLocalProject Platform Examples:

The “Local-Feed” screen delivers a steady stream of local news, event notices, emergency warnings, business savings, and more. Local-Feed Users have control over the type and frequency of the messaging they receive. For confidentiality purposes, many platform details are being withheld until launch. New team members will preview TheLocalProject’s layout and functionality during training.

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