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    The Dashboard is a secure location for managing all your CONNECTLocal applications from your desktop or favorite tablet. This includes:

    1. Your Company Profile
    2. You VIP Subscribers
    3. Offers & Specials Builder
    4. MobileCONNECT Message Creator
    5. MobileCONNECT Inbox
    6. Mobile Connect Sent Messages
    7. MobileCONNECT SMS Setting
    8. Access Help Videos
    9. Access How-to Information for building and using your VIP List
    10. Access print collateral to promote SMS Subscriber signups.
    11. And Much more…

    Desktop Inbox

    Your MobileCONNECT Inbox is the place to view, manage, and reply to, inbound messages.

    When a User sends a text message to your business it appears in the Dashboard Inbox. This allows you to respond to messages from any desktop PC.

    Simply open your Dashboard to the Inbox and let it run in the background. Your computer will audibly ring every 7 seconds whenever a new message arrives.

    VIP Subscriber List

    The VIP Subscriber List is where you can view and manage your Subscribers.

    There are 3 ways Users can join your list:

    1. Clicking the Connect Icon on your company profile.
    2. SMS Keyword Signup
    3. Direct Entry

    Clicking the message icon next to a particular Subscriber allows you to send a 1to1 message to that Subscriber.

    Free In-App Messaging

    MobileCONNECT allows you to send unlimited In-App messages absolutely free.

    In-App messages can be sent with Push Notification so that Users are notified of the new message regardless if they have the CONNECTLocal App open or closed.

    Be sure to encourage your new Subscribers to download the CONNECTLocal app so they can access all the features in their community.

    Broadcast Messaging

    Regardless if your list has 10 Subscribers or thousands, you can broadcast a message to the entire list at once.

    You choose if you want to send to the list In-App only which is 100% free or if you would like to send via text message. (SMS message rates apply)

    In-App messages have the option to send with a Push Notification so users are notified in a similar manner they would when sent via text message.

    1to1 Messaging

    MobileCONNECT allows you to send 1to1 messages to any Subscriber on your list.

    This is perfect for service industries such as:

    Mechanics – send a message letting your customer know their car is ready to be picked up.

    HVAC or Plumber – Let your customer know the service tech is on their way.

    Lawyer – Let your client know their papers are ready to be picked up or a court date has been set.

    Or maybe just wish your best customer a Happy Birthday.

    Connect Icon

    The Connect icon is show in the CONNECTLocal app on your business profile.

    Clicking the Connect Icon allows users to join your VIP list without having to SMS text your keyword.

    Once connected, your business is immediately added to the User’s Connections List inside the CONNECTLocal App.

    Keyword Signup

    The keyword signup allows Users to join your VIP List by texting your Keyword to either 844-307-3500 or 866-866-7109.

    For example, if you were a pizza shop your keyword might be “PIZZA”. Whenever a User texts the word PIZZA to 844-307-3500 or 866-866-7109 they are automatically added to your VIP list.

    New Subscribers are auto-sent your custom “Welcome Message” and are also invited to download the CONNECTLocal app. When Subscribers download the app they receive better access to their community and you are able to send them in-app messages for FREE!

    Direct Signup

    The Direct Entry function of the VIP Connect List allows you to manually add a new member to your list.

    Are you a mechanic? Why not ask your customer if they would like to receive a text message when their car is ready?

    Retail Shop – Ask your customers at checkout if they would like to receive your specials and discounts.

    Service Tech – Ask your customers if they would like to get a text message when the repairman is on the way.

    After-Hours Message

    As much as we would like to service our customers 24 hours a day, we all need to sleep.

    The After-Hours Autoresponder automatically sends your custom “after-hours” message whenever a customer tries to reach you outside your business hours.

    The After-Hours Message provides an immediate response letting customers know you will be getting back to them on the next business day.

    Message Pause

    There will be times during the course of the work day that you will be unable to immediately respond to new customer messages.

    In those cases, you can set the “Pause” feature to manage your incoming messages and automatically send Users a custom “Unavailable” message. Your custom message let’s users know you have received their message and you intend to reply back soon.

    Number Cloaking

    Reasons we can’t text most businesses include business owners do not want to give out their personal phone number or carry two different phones.

    MobileCONNECT keeps your personal phone number private. When you send customers a text message it is processed through our system and delivered from a phone number in our pool. When the User responds, our system keeps track and relays the message back to you.

    This allows you to receive and send messages without revealing your personal number

    In-App Text Icon

    CONNECTLocal Users simply browse the directory to find businesses they can message in their area.

    Businesses that accept inbound messages are identified by the “Text US” icon notifying Users they can receive a text.

    Users simply click the Text Icon to open the message window.

    Individual Addressing

    When sending out broadcast messages, each message can be personalized to each Subscriber.

    This personalization lets the Subscriber know you are communicating directly with them.

    No Cross-Talk

    No Cross-talk prevents Subscribers from seeing replies from other Subscribers.

    When sending out broadcast messages, each message is individually sent to each Subscriber.

    Unlike standard group messaging, this insures when recipients reply only you will receive a copy of their response.

    CONNECTLocal Placement

    As a MobileCONNECT business your company will be listed in the category of your choice inside the business directory of the CONNECTLocal App.

    Your FREE listing allows you to create a business profile with your logo, images, hours of business, social media accounts, company descriptions, Google map results and promotion of 2 special offers.

    SMS Messaging

    In addition to being able to send free in-app messages, you can send either 1to1 or broadcast SMS Text messages as well. Per message rates do apply.

    30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    You’ll like our system or you’ll get your money back

    Dedicated Text Line

    A Dedicated Text Line allows your business to receive inbound text messages from any text capable phone, from anywhere in the nation.

    Include your Dedicated Text Number on your website, social media or any other digital or print advertising platforms so customers know your company can receive inbound text messages.

    Inbound messages are displayed inside your Dashboard’s Inbox and can be forwarded to your or your staff’s cell phone.

    Sms Relay

    The SMS relay feature allows you to have incoming messages forwarded to the cell phone of your choice.

    You can update the forwarding numbers any time to have messages relayed to your or any staff member’s cell phone.

    See SMS Cloaking for how your phone number is protected and kept private at all times.

    Staff Scheduling

    The Staff Scheduling feature allows you to direct the SMS Relay to deliver incoming messages to a variety of different staff’s cell phones, throughout the day.

    You can enter different individuals with assigned time blocks for when they are responsible for managing incoming messages.

    Featured CONNECTLOCAL Top Placement

    MobileCONNECT Platinum Users receive Tier One featured placement at the TOP of their category inside the CONNECTLocal business directory.

    Featured placement is first-come, first-serve and ordered by date of enrollment with position ranking locked for life. This means the earlier you upgrade, the closer to the top your listing will appear.

    Unlimited Subscribers

    MobileCONNECT’s Plans allow for varying numbers of VIP Subscribers. For those with large Subscriber lists we can offer an Unlimited Subscriber count.

    Mobile messaging is regulated by the Telephone Communication Protection Act (TCPA). We require review of large Subscriber lists for compliance before entering them into our system. Simply contact us for more details.

    Web2Text Icon

    Web2Text allows website visitors to send a text message to your business while live on your website.

    Web2Text messages appear in your Dashboard Inbox and can be relayed to one of your staff’s cell phones.

    SMS Relaying allows you to respond to website visitors even when you’re away from your computer.

    Your Dashboard contains the HTML code your Webmaster needs to add this feature to your website.