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We’re building the most comprehensive local network on the planet and invite you to become a part of it. Your business* will receive a free listing & profile with access to leading-edge mobile technologies that will allow you to better connect with your community.

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  • Dashboard Admin Center,
  • Business Listing & Profile,
  • Promotion of 2 Offers,
  • at No Charge.

With MobileConnect you can

  • Accept Inbound SMS Text Messages
  • Send 1to1 Customer Service Texts
  • Establish a VIP Customer Program
  • Run Mobile Marketing Campaigns
  • Direct connect your business to your
    customer’s mobile device, & more!

Featured Category Positioning Is assigned to local businesses on a ‘first come – first serve basis’. Top positions are ‘permanently secured for life’ making the sooner you register, the better positioning your company will lock-in!

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Mobileconnect Platinum Managed Service

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We design your campaigns, send your messages, report on new VIP signups and provide promotion for your business in CONNECTLocal’s mobile app.

You also receive a Dedicated text line and onsite Signage to tell your customers about your VIP Customer program.

Get all of CONNECTLocal’s functionality and a team to help you use it.

  • Mobile Campaign Management
  • Monthly Strategy Call
  • Dedicated Text Line
  • Onsite Signage
  • Marketing Support
  • In-App CONNECTLocal Promotion

Only $159/mo


Gold Features PLUS
  • Tier 1 Featured Placement
  • Local Feed Promotion
  • Local Calendar Promotion
  • Up to 2500 VIP Subscribers
  • Unlimited FREE In-App Messages
  • Only .01 per SMS Message

Only $49/mo


Silver Features PLUS
  • Dedicated Text Line
  • Staff Scheduling
  • Tier 2 Priority Placement
  • Up to 1000 VIP Subscribers
  • Web2Text Messaging
  • Only .02 per SMS Message

Only $29.95/mo


Bronze Features PLUS
  • Enhanced Business Profile
  • Mobile SMS Relay
  • Unlimited Promotional Offers
  • Up to 500 VIP Subscribers
  • Only .03 per SMS Message

Only $14.95/mo


  • Business Profile
  • Dashboard Admin
  • 2 Promotional Offers
  • Activate Mobile Messaging
  • VIPConnections Admin
  • Up to 100 VIP Subscribers
  • SMS Keyword Signup
  • Direct Subscriber Entry
  • In-App Connections
  • FREE In-App Messaging
  • Only .05 per SMS Message

Limited Time Offer