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Partner With Us to Build a Better Internet in Your Town

During this rollout, we are creating thousands of career & income opportunities for American workers! We’re enlisting an army of people to join forces with us to build a better local Internet in their town.

Openings are available for full-time or part-time work where you can use your skills to work close to home, while at the same time contributing positively to your community.









We all know the Internet works great on the national or global level. It’s fantastic! Tremendous!

As amazing as the Internet is and as much as it has evolved globally since the 90’s, it still has not matured at the local level.

image1Even after 20 years of “public Internet” development, the majority of consumers are still unable to:
a) Book online dinner reservations with their favorite local restaurants,
b) Schedule a haircut appointment with their personal stylist, and
c) Truly “COMMUNICATE” with the majority of their local area businesses “ONLINE.”

Local businesses need better web-based technology.

When we visit most local business websites we typically find some “web info” along with their name, address, phone number and a map listing.  The majority of local business websites do not contain the bi-directional functionality that would allow us to truly interact or communicate with their business through the web.  We have to pick up the phone, send an email or drive to their location, in order to truly connect!

The Solution

TheLocalProject is a nationwide undertaking committed to further advancing the online presence of local communities across America. The official term for this effort is “Web Localization.”

planOur mission is to “continually pursue a better online platform for connecting local communities.”

TheLocalProject is a collaborative effort to establish local neighborhood networks in cities across the nation. The goals of each network are to provide a combination of “better interactive technology” and “more accurate, relevant content” than every other web-based alternative.

Objectives of each network include:

  •  Organize the best local information into one place,
  •  Compile reliable, accurate information,
  •  Give local users control over what information they see,
  •  Equip local businesses with interactive capabilities.
  •  Promote online local commerce within the community.

TheLocalProject’s core technology has been built and ongoing development continues to expand the capabilities of the platform.

The Plan

1) It’s All About People!

TheLocalProject is a collaboration of LOCAL PEOPLE crowdsourcing together to build local neighborhood networks in communities across the nation, be they urban, suburban, or rural.


Our strategy centers on partnering with people  who are interested in an opportunity to earn an income while sharing in our mission of advancing the Localization of the Internet.  We are seeking motivated people who truly want to be a part of building something positive for their community.

The purpose of this crowdsourcing campaign is to recruit the “Phase-ONE-Team!”

We are particularly interested in meeting people who would like to become Area Directors.

2) The Objective

Simply put, the objective is to build networks. We bring the know-how, the plan, and the technology.  You bring the local presence, the desire to build your city, and the willingness to work.

3) The Opportunities

Each Neighborhood Network requires a team of people. The 5 team positions include:

a) Area Directors assume leadership of the local effort within their community, taking command of both the initial rollout and ongoing operations. Earning potentials exceed $100,000+ per year.

careerb) City Partners support the Area Director with enrolling businesses and conducting area promotion. Full-time earning potentials are up to $60,000+ per year. Part-time earning can range between $500 and $2000 per month.

c) City Editors report on community news and assist in registering businesses and promotion. Earnings potentials are between $500 and $2000 per month.

d) Digital Specialists work with the local businesses who require web-based services. Expected earnings potential ranges from $50,000 to $80,000+ per year.

e) Regional Directors deliver home office support to Area Directors and Local Networks. Earnings potentials are up to $200,000+ per year.

4) What Are The Qualifications?

There are 3 basic requirements of all new members who join our endeavor:

1. Honesty & Integrity – The most important characteristic of any team member is their ethical and honest behavior. A high expectation for good business ethics is woven into the culture of the “TheLocalProject” and it is incumbent upon every team member to uphold these high standards.

2. Acquired Job Skills – In general, you should possess good people skills, self-direction, and the ability to learn. If you can learn, we can teach you. If you would like to serve as an Area Director or a Regional Director, you’ll also need management skills. If you would like to serve as a Civic, Dining, Nightlife, or Sports Editor, you’ll need the ability to produce good written content.

3. Commitment to the Program – As new networks roll out, it’s essential that consumers experience a common feel as they navigate between networks. Consequently, it is vital that a standardized process is followed as each local network is constructed. Achieving this standardization requires that each team member be committed to learning and following the tenants of TheLocalProject’s Plan.

5) The Strategy

Each network rollout follows a pre-defined plan which is accomplished in stages. Each stage follows a methodical set of steps. Each step has been distilled into duplicable actions that anyone with practical sense, basic abilities and a reasonable level of ambition can execute. The lead architect and driving force of each neighborhood network is the Area Director.

New area networks can be set-up in as little as 30 days and they continue to expand as content is consistently added.

The more local partners located within the network, the faster the area network will grow!  In networks with an Area Director and a team of 1 or 2 full-time and 1 or 2 part-time City Partners, the build out can be accomplished relatively quickly.  A good team will be join-the-teamable to establish the network within one week and achieve operational success within 90 days.

The Area Director achieves “operational status” when their network achieves the “Initial Objective” of enrolling 136 businesses into the LAN (Local Area Network).

These 136 businesses consist of:

  • 11 Section Sponsors – 1 for each of 11 Sections
  • 25 Category Sponsors – 1 for each of 25 Categories
  • 100 Member Businesses – 4 for each of the 25 Categories. (IE – 4 Restaurants, 4 Auto Repair Shops, etc.)

The expected time frame for enrolling these 136 businesses is 120 days. The Master Plan’s rollout strategy outlines specific steps as to how and in what order local area businesses are approached.

6) City Partners, Editors, & Digital Specialists

While it is possible for an Area Director to enroll all 136 businesses themselves, Area Directors will recruit others to help with the process. Supporting positions include “City Partners” and a specific kind of City Partner known as a “Local Editor.”  Most City Partners & Local Editors are part-time workers who contribute 5 to 10 hours per week towards building their community’s network.  Editors contribute weekly content about their category and help enroll 1 to 5 businesses per month.

There are 4 types of Local Editors:
· Civic News Editor
· Dining Editor
· Nightlife Editor
· Local Sports Editor

Both the Area Director and City Partners meet with preselected businesses to make network introductions utilizing online media to explain the project’s mission and it’s benefits for business.  The objective of each introduction is to enroll the business into the local area network. Once the business makes their enrollment choice, the enrolling team member confirms that the information added to their business profile is accurate and complete.

Digital Specialists – Each network will have one member of the team who serves as the Digital Specialist.  Digital Specialists have specialized training about web-based services such as software development, website development and digital marketing; they take lead for handling these requests.

7) TheLocalProject Trainingtraining

The Master Plan includes: 1) a Rollout Strategy, 2) an Operations Procedure, and 3) an Enrollment Presentation for opening, launching and operating local area networks. Our goal is to attract good people who will execute the plan and represent TheLocalProject well.

We are not searching for super-sales people. While sales skills are certainly useful, good people skills are more valuable and more in line with our approach. We know that if our platform is good, our offering is good, and our people are professional, yet friendly – businesses will enroll into the network.

Utilizing webinars, conference calls, video training, and websites, we will provide Area Directors, City Partners, and Digital Specialists with the knowledge they need to perform their responsibilities and build an effective network. Area and Regional Directors will also provide field support where needed. All training classes are available online live as well as recorded for convenient on-demand attendance.

TheLocalProject business presentation is in multimedia format so that local businesses hear the same story regardless of their location. After the video presentation, City Partners will be able to answer questions, complete paperwork, and ensure the business’s profile is accurate and complete.

TLP Communication Network provides the Team with ongoing support after the initial training is complete.  Both continued training and communication are delivered through the Network.  A weekly web-meeting addresses questions, communication and news between the home office and the field force.  All Team members have access to the Network and each weekly session is recorded for on-demand listening.

8) How Much Can You Earn?

Having a clear understanding of how compensation is earned and paid is of extreme importance.  We want everyone joining the team to obtain this understanding. Addressing every nuance of TheLocalProject’s compensation plan is not feasible within the confines of this crowdsourcing page.  The information contained here is generally designed to give you an overview understanding of the program.  In addition, throughout this campaign we will be holding webinars and conference calls where you can join in to hear full explanations and get your questions answered.

Expected Earnings Range by Positionearn

  • Area Directors – Earn $100,000 to $200,000/yr
  • City Partners – Full-time earn $40,000 to $60,000/yr
  • City Partners Part-Time earn $500 to $2000/mo
  • Regional Directors – Earn $100,000+/yr

The Concept

Local businesses have several enrollment options as to how their company can be represented within TheLocalProject

  1. Free Registration,
  2. Basic Membership – $49/mo
  3. Business Builder Membership – $99/mo
  4. Featured Business Placement – $199mo,
  5. Category Sponsorship (Prominent Placement) – $299mo,
  6. Section Sponsorship (Maximum Exposure) – $399mo.

These options also include varying levels of interactive technology.

Area Director Compensation

The business enrollment process for new networks follows a blueprint based upon the most popular business categories and enrollment types. This effort is guided by the Area Director. The initial goal is to register the pre-targeted 136 businesses, in accordance to the Rollout Strategy.  These 136 businesses establish the network’s core allowing the local area network to begin operations.

Area Directors that achieve this first objective (in accordance to the plan), can achieve incomes greater than $100,000 per year, with room to grow.

Watch the Duties & Compensation Webinar for more information regarding Area Director compensation.

City Partner Compensation

While it is certainly possible to work full-time, many City Partners will work part-time investing between 5 and 10 hours per week. The City Partners’ chief responsibilities are to assist their Area Director promoting the network locally and enrolling area businesses.  If they are a “Local Editor,” they would also produce weekly content for the network.

During the rollout, Area Directors focus their efforts on introducing the area network to area residents and registering the Section and Category Sponsors.  City Partners focus their efforts on introducing the area network to area residents and enrolling Member Businesses.  Each business meeting will result in either a Free, Annual, Featured or Sponsorship enrollment.

Full-time City Partners can reasonably earn $4000 to $6000 per month with part-time City Partners reasonably earning $500 to $2000 per month. Watch the Duties & Compensation Webinar for more information regarding City Partner compensation.

(New Enrollment compensation is paid weekly and residual income is paid monthly.)


9) The Timetable

TLP’s Rollout Schedule:

  •  February 1st – March 31st – Phase-ONE-Team Recruiting
  •  April 9th – May 19th – Team Training & Preparation
  •  June 1st – Phase 1 – Network Launch and Business Enrollment
  •  September 1st – Phase 2 – Enhanced Functionality and Promotion
  •  November 2016 – Phase-TWO Team Formation
  • March 1st 2017 – Phase-THREE Team – “The Main Event”

10) How Do I Get Started?

There are 3 options for getting started

1) Area Directors – If you would like to build the local area network for your community, begin by watching the Duties & Compensation Play-On-Demand video.   Next submit the Application & Area Request form and register for training in order to secure your territory.  Applications are typically processed within 48 hours .  Once your application has been approved, we will schedule you for training.  Upon graduation we will activate your LAN and you’ll have access to our digital collateral and the TLP Communication Network.joinusenow

2) City Partners – If you would like to participate as a City Partner, begin by watching the Duties & Compensation Play-On-Demand video.  Next submit your Application & Area Request form and register for training.  Applications are typically processed within 48 hours.  Once your application has been approved, we will schedule you for training.  Upon graduation you’ll have access to digital collateral and the TLP Communication Network.

3) Regional Directors – We are seeking one or more Regional Director per state with population and ability determining territory assignments.  You should have a proven track record in territory and team development.  Experience in the insurance industry, direct sales, or similar is a plus.   If you have what it takes and would like to be on the team, submit your Application & Area Request form and clearly indicate you are interested in a Regional Director position.

Simply submit your application and lets start discussion on the role you can play!

Join the team! – Together, Let’s Build a Better Internet.

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