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Building a Better Internet in Your Town!


Join the Local Network to Promote Your Business



Mobile Connect with Both New and Existing Customers



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Reward Your Customers with Incentives They’ll Want


TheLocalProject Delivers New Options for Promoting Your Business Locally!


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TheLocalProject is actively engaged in establishing “Local Area Networks” (LANs) in communities across America. The fact that you have heard of TheLocalProject suggests the process has likely begun in your area. Each new LAN goes through a pre-launch process to pre-register businesses prior to launch.  The earlier your business enrolls, the better positioning you will secure.  Unlike the search engines, all business placements are permanently locked making early registration a significant long-term advantage. The larger your town’s LocalProject network grows, the more visibility and traffic your business will recieve.

2 In 1

TheLocalProject offers a blend of advertising and technology that is unmatched by other programs.

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When it comes to technology, most local businesses find themselves challenged by:

  1. Knowledge
  2. Money
  3. and Time

We’re Equipping Local Businesses with the Technology They Need!

TheLocalProject is equipping local businesses with easy-to-use “mobile and web technologies” that enable them to interact with both existing customers and area residents.  We are the “Technology Partner” of local business.  In less than one year, our TLP platform is quickly becoming known as the most advanced local network solution available, anywhere!  We provide local businesses with a suite of digital solutions which our Tech-Team is continuously expanding.  We’re committed to keeping our network businesses up to date with the latest digital trends; and we make it all available through an affordable, low-cost monthly membership fee.

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If you would like to learn about opportunities with TheLocalProject in your area, simply complete the quick info form below. We’ll have a local team members contact you to tell you more. If we’re not in your area yet, we’ll let you know when we’re planning to be there and add your name to our update list. That way you’ll be among the first contacted when your area does open.

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